Nathan Hale High School

Nathan Hale
High School

Counseling Office

Nathan Hale Counseling Office

Counseling Department (from left to right): Lori Takahashi, Counseling Secretary; Lex Puopolo, Social Worker; Max Guerrero-Tomoda, Counselor (A-Gom); Kristie Thompson (Gon-N); Kelly Creech (O-Z); Lori Miller, Registrar

Mission Statement

We strive to support all students to become honorable, thinking, skillful, global citizens by supporting students’ academic, social, emotional, and post-secondary planning needs.


Students can make an appointment using the counselor’s calendar link below. Or they can come to the Counseling Office and make an appointment. Parents wishing to contact their student’s counselor can use the email link below. Or contact the Counseling Secretary, Lori Takahashi, 206-252-3694,

Transcripts – Current Students

College Transcript Requests – Students using Common Application or, please invite your school counselor to the online application source. Through this invite, the school counselor can upload your official transcript where multiple schools, of your choosing, can access your transcript.

For colleges and universities who are not on the Common Application and require an official transcript as part of the admissions process, it is the student’s responsibility to request through Naviance. If an official transcript is needed for other reasons, students can make the request with the Registrar. It will be signed and securely closed in an envelope ready for the student to mail. If the Registrar is not available, then students or families may contact the counseling secretary.

Final Transcripts – all requests should be made through Naviance or Common App as needed.

Transcripts – Former Students

Former students and/or Employees seeking graduation verification, if it has been more than 2 years since you’ve graduated or withdrew from Nathan Hale, please contact Seattle Public Schools Student Records online or via phone 206-252-0139.

Requests from Out of the District – Seattle Public Schools is now using a web-based application to help us manage all student records requests from other schools for transferring students.

Requests received via fax, phone calls, emails and mail from other schools will no longer be accepted.

  1. Go to Scribbles K-12 Transfer
  2. Sign in, to an existing account OR Create an account. If you do not already have a K-12 Transfer account, one will need to be created.
    • A school email address must be used to set up the account; personal email addresses will not be accepted.
    • Once an account has been created, the credentials for the account will be verified. This process takes approximately 24 hours.
    • An account only needs to be verified once.
  3. A “Your registration has been verified” email notification will be sent when the account has been completed.
  4. Submit Request. Log in to the K-12 Transfer application and submit the request for records.
  5. Processing Time. Seattle Public Schools processes request electronically within 3-5 school days.
  6. Download the Records. When the “processing complete” email is received, you will need to login to the K-12 Transfer application to download the student records you requested.

For more information about the student records that we provide, please see the Transferring Student Records Request page.

Please contact if you have any issues setting up your account or submitting a record request.