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List of Volunteer Opportunities- See below

60 hours of Service Learning are required for graduation from Seattle Public Schools. (15 hours per year in Seattle Public Schools = total of 60 hours for 4 years)

  • Check the Daily School Bulletin and the counseling pages of the Hale website for volunteer opportunities
  • Service Learning Contract/Logs are available in the Counseling Office or use the link at the top of the page.
  • Have your supervisor fill out and sign the Service Learning Contract.
  • Have your parent/guardian sign.
  • Keep track of your hours on the Time Log (back of your contract) and have your supervisor sign/initial next to your hours.
  • Make a copy of your Contract/Time Log for your records.
  • Turn your contract/log in to the Counseling office or into the Service Learning Box in the Main Office or email the form to Ms. Takahashi.
  • Don’t wait until the last day requirements must be met to graduate to turn in hours!

Please note: you do not need to do all of your hours at one place or at one site. If you think you may be interested in several sites, make 3 or 4 copies of the blank contract/time log so you have extras, one form per site.

If you are not finding service learning opportunities, talk with your friends and see where they are volunteering. Talk with your family members to get ideas and contacts. See your counselor, mentorship teacher, the counseling secretary, or another Hale staff member for ideas or help.

Current Service Learning Opportunities

Current opportunities are available online on the Service Learning Opportunities page or in the Counseling Office in the Big Blue Notebook .