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Hale – Mail 101

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  • What is it?
  • How do I sign up?
  • How do I post a message?

Hale-Mail is operated on a volunteer basis by the NHHS-Community Organization (formerly PTSA), and functions as an online information service rather than a discussion forum. As a member, you will receive (via e-mail) the NHHS Daily Bulletin, plus messages from Nathan Hale faculty and staff, groups involved in Raider activities, and other Hale-Mail members. The majority of Hale-Mail members are parents and guardians. Feedback from group members has stressed the importance of keeping the message count low to control “inbox clutter.” Typically, you will receive three (3) or fewer messages per day (including the Daily Bulletin).

If you would like to receive Hale-Mail, please email a request to: Be sure to include your student’s year in school. Alternatively, you can sign up directly using this address:

If you wish to post a message, email it to me (your Moderator) at

Below are a few guidelines to consider:

  • Hale-Mail messages are primarily for parents/guardians, and should only be about Nathan Hale subjects, activities, and events.
  • They should be of wide interest, not for specific groups. (Sports teams, performing groups, etc. should establish a different way to communicate to their own members.)
  • Include your name and contact info (preferred email/phone number), and a subject line. Also specify if you want to have your message sent to specific grades, or to all grade levels.
  • Create a message that is simple, informative, and to the point; try to avoid acronyms and jargon. Hale-Mailcannot handle graphics. You can, however, include a flyer/poster/photo/etc. that will be accessible via a link within your Hale-Mail message. Our mail service will store your attachment on its server.

Please contact me at if you have any questions or experience any difficulties.


Chris Beeks
Hale-Mail Moderator/Volunteer