Nathan Hale Attendance

Martha Cunningham-Daniels, Attendance Specialist

Phone: 206-252-3684 | Fax: 206-252-3681


Attendance related forms can be found on the Forms Page.

When to contact the Attendance Office:

Illness – Call the Attendance office at 206-252-3684 or send a signed note, with your phone number included, no later than 3 days past the occurrence.

During the 2021-22 school year, please keep your student at home when they have a known exposure to someone with COVID, or new symptoms that are not caused by another condition. If your student has received a positive COVID test result, please notify the school as soon as possible so families in your student’s class may be notified. (Your student will not be identified in accordance with FERPA.)

Late Arrival – Students with a valid excuse should present their signed note in exchange for a pink pass to class. Receiving a pink pass doesn’t automatically excuse a student. Valid reasons for being late or absent include illness, injury, known religious holiday, college visit, family trip or a medical appointment.

Leaving Early – Students leaving early should exchange their signed parental note for a Temporary Dismissal pass as soon as possible. Parents needing to retrieve their student for an appointment need to call the Attendance Office at 206-252-3684 or send an email to as soon as possible. Since the Attendance office secretary is usually away from her desk from 1-2pm, retrieving students at the end of the day is not always successful and can be chaotic. Calling early in the morning or as soon as you know the student needs to leave yields the best and most accurate service.

Current district COVID protocol states parents are not allowed in the building. If coming to school to pick up your student, please call from outside the building and ask that your student be dismissed early and meet you outside.

Vacation – Fill out a Pre-Planned absence form no later than 3 days before the absence will occur. Teachers need to sign the back of the form indicating work to be completed while on vacation. Once the form is completed, please send it to the Attendance office for processing.

Attendance Policies

Nathan Hale Attendance Policy

Compulsory Attendance Letter 2017