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Device Policy

Cell Phones and Electronic Devices

It is the strong recommendation of Nathan Hale High School that students and their families carefully weigh the choice of whether to bring personal cell phones, music players, cameras, and other personal electronic devices to school. Mobile devices (such as cellphones and headphones) are disruptive to the learning environment, often create discipline problems, and are all too frequently damaged, lost, or stolen. Furthermore, certain mobile device habits contribute to health issues.  If students do bring cell phones and/or other personal electronic devices to school, they are subject to the following policy guidelines.

Use of Electronic Devices at School

Cell phones and other personal electronic devices must be turned off (silent) and kept out of sight during academic time. Devices may be used before school, during lunch, or afterschool. This policy will be strictly enforced throughout the school by staff, administration, security, and volunteers.

Parents and guardians needing to contact their students should call the main office 206-252-3680.

Cell phones, cameras, or other devices should not be used to photograph or film others at any time during the school day without their consent.

Care for Electronic Devices

  1. Students who bring cell phones or other personal electronic devices to school are solely responsible for the safety and security of those devices.
  2. The school accepts no responsibility for cell phones or other personal electronic devices that are lost, damaged, or stolen at school or while traveling to and from school.

Process for violation of policy

Students who violate the rules for the use of electronic devices, set forth above, will face corrective action as described below:

  • First violation – warning and teacher will contact student’s family.
  • Second violation – device is confiscated and kept until the end of the day. Student’s family is contacted.
  • Third violation – device is confiscated and must be picked up by student’s family. Further discipline may apply.

Further discipline may vary from school service to suspension, depending on individual circumstance. Our intention is to suspend the phone and habit, and not the learner.