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Scholarship Bulletin

Scholarships for Nathan Hale Students

The Nathan Hale counseling team will update this page as new scholarships become available. Please be sure to check this page often for updates.

Scholarship Resources

Naviance. Students can access through their school account using Clever. Use the Scholarship Tab.

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Commonly used scholarship search engines and resources

Note: Nathan Hale is not affiliated with these organizations and does not endorse any specific sites. This is for information only.

There are many scholarship websites and search engines.  You can use College Board, FastWeb, or any others that you find helpful.  Always be aware how/if your data is being used. Here is a list of commonly used sites:

Scholarship Junkies – Developed by a UW student.  Provides free support for finding and applying to scholarships as well as college application essay help.

Seattle Foundation – Local organization that prioritizes supporting youth to reach their highest potential and increase access to higher education for students pursuing a variety of education paths, whether it be universities, community colleges or technical schools. Access scholarships (beginning November 16, 2020) through, search for Seattle Foundation.  Application deadlines for Seattle Foundation deadlines May 31, 2021.

Weird Scholarships – This site features thousands of small and unique scholarship opportunities.  The goal is to help students find less competitive awards tailored to their personality, interests and career goals.

WashBoard – Scholarship search engine specifically for Washington State students.

Western Undergraduate Exchange program – site provides information about the reduced tuition opportunities at participating state schools in the Western region – can reduce the cost of out-of-state tuition at participating public universities.

College Board has partnered with scholarship providers, National Recognition Programs.

SPS Scholarship Bulletin

Scholarships for SPS Students

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Scholarships are a type of grant (monetary gift you do not have to pay back) for students to use in paying for after high school training and college programs. Scholarships are available for students as early as elementary school and continue through graduate school.

Federal and State programs provide over 46 billion dollars in student aid. Private companies, community organizations, civic groups, foundations, and religious organizations provide an additional 3 billion dollars in scholarships.

Finding a Scholarships

A scholarship database can be found in Naviance (all SPS 6th-12th grade students have 24/7 access to Naviance)as well as some of the following resources. You should never pay for access to scholarships you find online.

Share a Scholarship

Are you aware of and/or sponsoring scholarships that are not in our Naviance list?
Fill out the form below to add your scholarship to Naviance for all SPS students to access.

Scholarship Examples

04/19/2024 – Seattle Association of Educational Office Professionals (SAEOP) Scholarship

Seattle Association of Educational Office Professionals (SAEOP) Scholarship. This year we are proud to continue the tradition of awarding one (1) One thousand-dollar ($1000) scholarship and (2) Five hundred-dollar scholarships. We are seeking all interested and qualified Seattle Public High School graduating senior students (class of 2024) who wish to continue their education at a 2-year, 4-year college or vocational school. Please keep in mind throughout the application process that this is not a need-based scholarship.

The deadline for returning applications is Friday, April 19, 2024.

SAEOP Scholarship Information and Application

05/10/2024 – The Edmund F. Maxwell Foundation

The Maxwell Foundation provide financial resources to student leaders from Washington state. To recognize high academic achievement, The Foundation offers financial aid of up to $5000 per year for freshmen starting a four-year program at a private university or college. The award is based on students academic records, the submission of a personal essay, and a summary of extracurricular activities. The scholarship is renewable each year for a total of up to $20,000 over a four year period. Between 10 and 30 scholarships will be awarded.

Find more local, national and college based scholarship in Naviance and search for scholarships through your internet search engine.