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photo of students in musical performance

Nathan Hale Theatre Department

students performing on stage and leaping across the stage

Nathan Hale Theatre is a family that fosters a sense of belonging, provides professional development, tells stories that matter, and recognizes that we are better together.

Nathan Hale Theatre brings dreams to life by providing a space where students can have fun, build community, utilize their unique talents and skills to create something together (whether that is performing, building, blogging, sewing, painting, or something else), hiring professional local theatre artists to mentor students throughout the production process, and opening access to training for students who want to pursue theatre as a career. 

Here at Nathan Hale Theatre, you can gain a family, a career, or just a break from the grind.  Whether or not you consider yourself creative or capable, we’re here to tell you that when you are here you are both.

If you are interested in Theatre at Nathan Hale HS, then you can…

Take classes

We offer the following classes:

  • Theatre Beginning – Introduction to theatre including but not limited to: improv, basic acting techniques, theatre history, flash mobs, and playwriting.
  • Theatre Intermediate / Unified Drama – Full inclusion classroom that works towards a public performance in January.  May study cabaret, comedy, and ensemble-created theatre.
  • Theatre Advanced – An advanced acting class where students will explore acting methods and techniques, prepare for professional auditions and work in theatre.  Culminates in public performance of student-written, student-designed short plays.
  • Theatre for Justice – Studies the power of theatre in social change by exploring Theatre of the Oppressed, theatre for social justice, and devised theatre.
  • Technical Theatre – Practice designing and building tech for theatre production (lighting, set/props, sound, costumes, marketing, stage management, and directing). Culminates in designing and building student-written, student-performed short plays for a public performance. 

Participate in after-school productions

The productions we produce each year are: