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College Financial Aid

What is College Financial Aid?

Financial aid is money to help pay for college. It can include grants, work study, and loans to help covercollege expenses.

  • Grants: Gift aid usually based on financial need and in most cases do not need to be repaid.
  • Scholarships: Money awarded to students based on academic or other achievements to help pay for education expenses.
  • Loans: Money that can be borrowed for educational expenses and is repaid over time (with interest added in most cases)
  • Work Study: A financial aid program (federal or state) that allows a student to work on-campus or with approved off campus employers to earn money to pay for college expenses.

How do I apply for Financial Aid?

Completing the FAFSA or WASFA is the first step in accessing college financial aid. The FAFSA andWASFA open every year on October 1st.

How can I get help with completing financial aid forms?

  • Seattle Public Schools will be offering a Virtual Presentation on how to apply for financial aid, and the resources available on Monday, October 5th from 7-8:30 p.m.
  • Virtual Financial aid filing events to assist students and parents/guardians with completing financial aid forms will be offered throughout October and November. A complete list of these events is available here.
  • Additionally, schools will be providing financial aid advising day lessons to seniors throughout October and November.

Financial Aid Resources