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Daveron Ross

Ross, Daveron

Special Education Teacher
Dietrich Sachs

Sachs, Dietrich

Special Education Assistant/ISE


Happy to Help! It's my 3rd year at Nathan Hale and my 27th working for the district.

Elizabeth Salzman

Salzman, Elizabeth

Special Education Teacher
Caitlin Scott

Scott, Caitlin

Special Education Teacher
Erin Shafkind

Shafkind, Erin

Art Teacher

Sheidler, Debbie

Occupational Therapist
Katrina Sibicky

Sibicky, Katrina

Music Teacher
Mary Sierchio

Sierchio, Mary

Special Education Assistant/ISE
Makela Steward

Steward, Makela

Assistant Principal
Cary Stidham

Stidham, Cary

Special Education Teacher
Leland Swarts

Swarts, Leland

Special Education Teacher
Lori Takahashi

Takahashi, Lori

Counseling Secretary

Personal Message

Kristie Thompson

Thompson, Kristie

School Counselor (Gon-O)

Thornton, John

CTE Teacher - Career Connections
Teresita Tobon

Tobon, Teresita

World Language Teacher

Personal Message

Learning a language is something that is not acquired in 2,3,or even 5 years... It is a life long acquiring experience that is very rewarding because you are able to appreciate other cultures, people values and places around the world that will make you a great global citizen with the understanding of other lifestyles and societies. 

Nathan Hale is a unique school that will give you the opportunity to be yourself and share your own experiences with others. Our school is a great place to grow and become the best person that you can be. In my class, you will be able to explore, share your personal knowledge, participate in class discussions and create great projects in the target language.

Learning a second language earlier in life is an opportunity that I wish everyone would have had the chance to have. It takes time and commitment, but at Nathan Hale we can do it together.

I hope you can join me in this adventure!   

Debo Tolentino

Tolentino, Debo

Special Education Teacher
Tina-Marie Tudor

Tudor, Tina-Marie

Family and Community Engagement
Kristoffer Typolt

Typolt, Kristoffer

Math Teacher
Lawrence Uhlman

Uhlman, Lawrence

Humanities Teacher


I am currently finishing my 20th year of teaching at Nathan Hale. My older daughter is graduating from Hale this year as part of the class of 2020. I am sad to see our time together at school come to an end, but I am grateful that I still have three more years with my younger daughter who will be a sophomore next year. Besides working with students to help them explore their writing, improve their communication skills, and progress in their "ontological vocation of becoming more fully human" (Freire), I am dedicated to anti-racist practices and helping those furthest from educational and social justice. I have much to learn and love being part of a community of educators committed to improving our pedagogy for the benefit of ALL students. Outside of Nathan Hale, I enjoy coaching and playing ultimate frisbee with my wife, running (especially with our Rhodesian Ridgeback), conditioning, reading, writing, playing guitar, and watching movies and playing games with my family.

,Personal Message

As Ali once said to me: "We have two ears, Mr. Uhlman, and only one mouth: perhaps we should listen twice as much as we speak."

Vandivort, Bethany

Athletic Trainer