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Nathan Hale ~ Attendance

Chen, Connie

Instructional Asst - Native Ed/šəqačib
Amy Cheng

Cheng, Amy

Lunchroom Manager
Rana Coffee

Coffee, Rana

Special Education Asst/ISE - 203/7

Cokelet Meneken, Emeline

Teacher Intern/Student Teacher

Coleman, Jamila

CTE/Health Teacher & Anatomy/Physiology
Michael Comiskey

Comiskey, Michael

Math Teacher
Rhea Connors

Connors, Rhea

Bilingual Instructional Assistant
Brian Coon

Coon, Brian

Math Teacher
Nathan Hale ~ Attendance

Crane, Hank

School Security Specialist
Kelly Creech

Creech, Kelly

Counselor (O-Z)
Martha Daniels

Cunningham-Daniels, Martha

Attendance Specialist

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Dalton, Richard

KNHC Broadcast Program Spt Asst

Davenport, Colin

Special Education Assistant/ISE
Matthew Davis

Davis, Matthew

Science & CTE Teacher
Magic Demirel

Demirel, Magic

Social Studies Teacher

Personal Message

Magic Demirel has been teaching high school since her intern year in 2011. Prior to that, and throughout the summer and school breaks, she has taught elementary art at Neo Art School, which has been in her family since before she was born. During her tenure at Nathan Hale she taught a wide variety of subjects- from Health and Nutrition to PE, Yoga and Independent Living. Receiving her BA in History and her Master’s in Teaching at UW, her passion is in history and activism. She immersed herself in the community at Hale as Pride Club, Mock Trial, Jewish Student Union and DECA club advisor, along with the head Cheer Coach and Class of 2023 advisor. Her main goal as a teacher is to help enable students to form an opinion, analyze sources and back up that opinion with evidence. This will help them to be engaged, passionate, educated citizens of their community!

As a first generation American, Ms. Demirel strives to learn as much as she can about other cultures and find ways to connect more with her Turkish roots. Her favorite things in the world are her nieces (Sydney and Grasey), her pets (Millard Fillmore and Atticus Bunker), long leisurely naps and all you can eat pasta. As a former competitive figure skater and cheerleader, she is always eager to take on new challenges and make a fool of herself in the name of school spirit!

Allison Dennin

Dennin, Allison

Teen Health Center
Kenneth Duncan

Duncan, Kenneth

Special Education Assistant/ISE

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Devora Eisenberg

Eisenberg, Devora

CTE Teacher
Kayla Ellis

Ellis, Kayla

Science Teacher

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