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Andrew Higgins

Higgins, Andrew

KNHC/C895 Radio Station Broadcast Specialist
Lindsay Hirzel

Hirzel, Lindsay

Special Education Teacher
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Hopkins, Hoover

PE Teacher
Jordana Hoyt

Hoyt, Jordana

Language Arts Teacher

Humkey, Daniel

Teacher Intern/Student Teacher
William Jackson

Jackson, William


Personal Message


I am an educational leader focused on building equitable school systems for all scholars and school community members to thrive. As Principal for Nathan Hale High School, where we focus building 21st century skills through our project-based learning, culturally responsive teaching, and digital learning approach, I take pride in honoring the brilliance of our students and community by centering their voices in our curriculum and pedagogy ― ultimately to strength our anti-racist practices, and to build on our deeper learning approach for high academic outcomes for all students.

I earned my doctorate in education from the University of Washington Leadership for Learning program, with a focus on Educational Leadership and Policy. I believe that building equitable systems requires collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving, a racial equity lens, and a desire to lead for systemic change. Recently, I have led workshops focused on racial equity, and teaching and learning with generation Z, and the strategies best suited to meet their needs.

In 2016, I began my administrative career as an Assistant Principal for Nathan Hale High School, where I advanced student leadership and family engagement to lead for racial equity and social justice in Seattle Public Schools. I began my career in education teaching humanities, economics, and leadership, focused on social justice, racial equity, and economic equality. I observed during this time that student voice had the power to transform school communities. I grew up in Seattle, Washington, where I learned from my family and community the values of education, social justice, and service.

Joel Jacobson

Jacobson, Joel

Language Arts Teacher

Jang, Mary

CTE Teacher (long-term substitute)

Mary is teaching Career Connections for most of Semester 2 during the 2022-23 school year.

Rae Keyes

Keyes, Rae

Administrative Secretary

Personal Message


I'm a graduate of Seattle Public Schools: Cleveland High School, Asa Mercer Junior High (back before Middle Schools) and Maple Elementary. I graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Business/Accounting. I'm a proud parent of three Nathan Hale alumni (2014, 2016 & 2019). I've been with Seattle Public Schools over 10 years working in school offices, joining Nathan Hale in the fall of 2018. I am grateful to be working at Nathan Hale alongside our wonderful staff to make our school a welcoming, thriving community of learners!

Killian, Patricia

Health & PE Teacher
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Kilmer, Randy

Horticulture/Greenhouse Hourly
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Kuhnhausen, Sarah

KNHC/C895 Radio Station
Kathleen Lachata-Oakley

Lachata-Oakley, Kathleen

Library Assistant

Larsen, Leif

Teacher Intern/Student Teacher
Ted Lockery

Lockery, Ted

Social Studies & Journalism Teacher


I have been teaching at Nathan Hale High School since 2001. My career in public education began in 1991, teaching K-8 at Seattle's Alternative School #1, and later at the New Options Middle School (which became Salmon Bay). I graduated from Harvard with a degree in social studies, and I hold an MA in human development from Pacific Oaks College. I got the nickname "Teacher Ted" when making weekly phone calls to elementary school families, in the 90s. When, at first, they didn't know who was calling, I'd say, "This is Ted--Teacher Ted." It stuck. I later wrote an education column in the North Seattle Press under that name.

,Personal Message

I am truly grateful to be working with the dedicated students and staff of Nathan Hale.  With our community's genuine commitment to social justice and the Habits of Mind and Heart, there is no place I'd rather be teaching.

Lopez, Yolanda

KNHC/C895 Radio Station Business Operations Specialist
Erin Lynch

Lynch, Erin

Social Studies and Humanities Teacher


I was born and raised in Seattle and have been teaching at Nathan Hale since 2000. I graduated from the University of Washington's Jackson School and got my Masters in Teaching from Seattle U. I love and appreciate our students, families and staff - Nathan Hale is a great community!

,Personal Message

I feel lucky to be able to learn about the world with, and from, students!  That includes past and present stories and topics.  And it also includes family stories, neighborhood and city stories, and national and global stories.  And all of those essential stories are told from multiple perspectives and in different ways.  In my classes the primary goal is to exercise how we learn, think, talk about and engage with the world, rather than primarily to achieve a certain level of "factual" content knowledge.  Needless to say, we've got plenty to do in our History and Humanities classes!  

Pamela Marx-Thompson

Marx-Thompson, Pamela

Special Education Assistant/ISE
Estelle McKittrick

McKittrick, Estelle

Language Arts Teacher
Annemarie Plumpe

Michaels-Plumpe, Annemarie

CTE Teacher - Nutrition & Wellness