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School Photo for ID Card & Yearbook

Nathan Hale High School contracts with district-approved professional photographers, Yuen Lui Photographers, for student photos for student ID cards and yearbook portraits.

Photo Days

Yuen Lui takes photos on site three times at the beginning of the school year. Students are strongly encouraged to get their photo taken on one of these 3 dates for their student ID card.

  • Raider Day (the day before the first day of school) – Tuesday, September 5, 2023
    ALL students are encouraged to start off their day by first getting their photo taken before addressing other Raider Day activities.
  • Make Up Day (about 2-3 weeks after school starts). Currently scheduled for Thursday, September 21, 2023
    This day is for any student who enrolled after Raider Day, or for some reason was unable to have their photo taken on Raider Day.
  • Retake Day (in mid/late October). Scheduled for Thursday, October 26, 2023.
    For those students who wish to retake their photo for the yearbook or for portrait packages purchased from Yuen Lui. This is the last opportunity for students who didn’t have their photo taken for their student ID card and yearbook.

Student ID Cards

Student ID cards are available about 1 week after the photo day. Yuen Lui prints them and Hale staff also need to adhere ASB stickers on the cards of students who paid their ASB/activity card fee. Students will be notified via the Daily Bulletin when student IDs are available for pick up in the Main Office.

Starting September 2022, youth 18 and under are able to ride Metro transit for free. Student ID cards are accepted proof of age in lieu of ORCA cards when boarding a Metro bus. All students are encouraged to sit for a photo to get an ID card.

Effective May 2023, student ID cards can be printed at the school for students enrolled at Nathan Hale after the three photo days scheduled in the fall. Please go to the Main Office for information on how to get one.

Yearbook Photo

Yuen Lui will forward photos of students to our Yearbook staff for publishing in the school yearbook. If your student wants to take a new photo for their yearbook portrait, they may do so on Retake Day.

Seniors have the option of either using their Yuen Lui portrait or taking one of their own and submitting it to the yearbook website using instructions provided by the Yearbook staff. These photos are due in early/mid January. Please check the Senior Class webpage for details on where to upload photo and deadline.

Purchasing Student Portraits

Parents/guardians who wish to purchase their student’s portrait from any of the photo days may do so online via the Yuen Lui Photographers’ website. Before Raider Day, families are able to pre-order their student’s photo. To place an order after the photo day, families need their student’s ID number to place an order. If you don’t know your student’s school ID number, please contact and they will send you a direct link. Packets will be mailed directly to the home of the parent/guardian by Yuen Lui. If your student requires a retake for a portrait package, they should return their full package of portraits on Retake Day and Yuen Lui will retake their photo and mail the new portrait package.

Note: Yuen Lui also takes photos of NH sports teams and makes those available for purchase on their website as well.