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Graduation Requirements

Freshman (Class of 2024)

Freshman Checklist / Class of 2024 Graduation RequirementsWelcome to Hale. We will be your school counselor for four years (grades 9-12). Make an appointment, come in and let us get to know you. We are looking forward to working with you in order for you to have a successful, meaningful and productive high school experience. In the meantime,

  • Attend school every day and be on time to all your classes. Daily attendance is a good habit to get into. Learning takes place in the classroom and if you are not there, you will miss out. Missing school results in missing work and lower/failing grades.Make new friends. Reach out and connect new classmates. Remember, they are new like you and wanting to connect with other people as well.Join a club or sport for fun and friendships. Clubs are around areas of interest. If you want to start a club, let us know. We have fall, winter and spring sports. Over 70% of the student body participate in some sport activity. View a current list of clubs. Connect with your teachers. They want to get to know you and work with you to insure a meaningful educational experience.Need help? ASK! Ask your teachers for any academic help. Personal, social, emotional? ASK your school counselor for guidance and assistance. We are here for YOU!Make it a habit to complete and turn in school work and homework. You want full credit for your work? Turn it in ON TIME!9th grade classes and credits DO MATTER. Do your best, earn good grades and set a good foundation for your academic future.

Sophomores (Class of 2023)

Sophomore Checklist / Class of 2023 Graduation Requirements

  • Attend school every day and get to your classes on time. Regular attendance and good grades go hand in hand.Keep organized and stay on top of your homework. Take class notes, study notes for quizzes and tests, keep logbooks up-to-date, and set up a regular homework/study time for yourself.Decide to earn A’s, B”s, and C’s and put the effort and time into to earning those grades. Grade point average (GPA) is key part of college admission requirements. Average homework time: 1 1/2 hours per night. Additional effort and time may be necessary for project completions and studying for quizzes and tests.Need more academic help? ASK your teachers, effectively use Reflective Scholarship, make before/after school appointments with teachers, and/or get help from Homework Center in the library.Make sure to complete some of your community service hours. Don’t forget to get a form in the counseling office for signatures and documentation. Turn in the form as soon as you have between 10-20 hours.  Forms are located in the Counseling Office or view a downloadable community service form. Make it a point to visit/tour at least one college or technical college/trade school. Keep connected to today, but prepare for tomorrow.

Juniors (Class of 2022)

Junior Checklist / Class of 2022 Graduation Requirements

  • Attend school every day and get to your classes on time. This should be part of your regular routine for success in life.Connect with your school counselor and make sure you are on track to meet graduation requirements. If necessary, complete all credit retrieval courses before going into your senior year.Colleges pay particular attention to your junior year. Challenge yourself by taking AP and Honors coursework, make sure you have completed at least two years of a world language, and expand your school involvement by being president or leader of a club, team captain of a sport, or run for ASB office.Complete 60 hours of community service by the start of your senior year. Community service forms are available in the counseling office or view a downloadable community service form. Sign up for SAT or ACT in the spring of your junior year. For more information go to College Board for the SAT and ACT for ACT. If you have a 504 or IEP plan and want to request accommodations for the PSAT, AP, SAT or ACT see your school counselor or IEP teacher respectively. For ACT accommodations, view forms on ACT. Completed forms are submitted to your school counselor. SAT prep classes at Hale. These classes are available and have a fee. If you decide to engage in the prep classes, it is recommended that you take the course six-seven weeks before you take the SAT. There is free prep tests on CollegeBoard. Make it a point to visit at least two colleges, technical colleges, trade schools or apprenticeships. Solidify your college and career choices over the summer.

Seniors (Class of 2021)

Senior Checklist / Class of 2021 Graduation Requirements / High School and Beyond Plan / Senior Countdown Calendar

  • In the fall, start the college application process. There are two main ways to apply to college: 1) Common Application or 2) On-line application at individual colleges. Public 2 and 4 year Washington State colleges are on-line at college websites. Check out Common Applications for other colleges.Don’t like your SAT or ACT scores? Retake them this fall. Sign up at CollegeBoard or ACT. Senior year is is very important! Maintain regular school attendance, keep up your grades, retrieve any necessary credits,and complete community service hours.Make this a meaningful year: live out the positive attributes of Hale, participate in all the spirit activities, senior prom, senior breakfast, and Spree. Leave a positive class legacy.ORDER your cap and gown for graduation from JOSTENS in November! Plan on meeting graduation requirements.2nd semester; FINISH STRONG! Attend school every day, pass ALL your classes and complete all requirements.Check-out: Complete check out survey, request final transcript through Naviance or Common App turn in stamped and addressed envelopes for transcripts, and turn in ALL books and settle fines.

    How to complete your High School and Beyond Plan:

    Log into Naviance through the Student Portal
    1. From the Naviance home page, click About Me .From the drop-down menu click My Surveys .Click Surveys Not Started .Click on the words Graduation Survey , to start the survey. (This is your High School and Beyond Plan)Answer all the questions to the best of your ability.Click Save and Finish if complete or Save and Come Back to finish later.