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Nathan Hale
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AP Exams at Nathan Hale, May 7-9, 13, 15

Important AP Exam Information –
For Students & Families

Students must have pre-registered in Nov. 2023 in order to take an AP Exam(s) at Nathan Hale. Sign into if you want to confirm your exam.


Please arrive at 7:30AM for morning exam check-in, or at 11:30AM for afternoon exams. Students arriving after the start of the exam will forfeit their exam. For the afternoon exams, students should plan on eating beforehand. Passes will not be sent to students to leave class and show up at 11:30AM so these students should set a reminder to leave their class at the appropriate time. The absence will be excused.


Students cannot be dismissed early from the test. Most 8:00AM exams should end between 11:30 – 12:00PM. Most 12:00PM exams should end between 3:30 – 4:00PM.

Note: Afternoon tests may require students to miss afternoon athletics and activities. Please plan accordingly. Students will automatically be excused for the 4-hour window of their actual test. Parents/guardians do NOT need to call in absences for the time their student is AP testing.

AP Exam Time and Location May 2024

AP Exam DateAP ExamCheck-in TimeStart TimeLocation
5/7Statistics11:30 AM12:00 PMP4 & P5
5/8ELA/Literature7:30 AM8:00 AMP4 & P5
5/8CompSci A11:30 AM12:00 PMP4
5/9EnviSci7:30 AM8:00 AMP4
5/9Psychology11:30 AM12:00 PMP4 & P5
5/13Calculus7:30 AM8:00 AMP4 & P5
5/15CompSci Principles11:30 AM12:00 PMP4
Table showing dates, test name, check-in time/start time and location of tests.

If you have received confirmation that you are approved for accommodations for the AP test through College Board, please meet in the Counseling office for the day of your test.

Please Bring

Student ID or government issued ID

  • Two #2 pencils with erasers
  • A black or dark blue pen
  • A scientific or graphing calculator: Refer to AP Calculator Policy
  • Water in a clear bottle, a snack in a clear bag
  • Layered clothing – the gym can run both cold and hot 

Do Not Bring

  • Your Cell Phone and/or Apple Watch
    • The College Board has very strict rules about phones. If your cell phone is seen or heard by any proctors during the test or even during the break, you will be dismissed from testing and your scores will be cancelled.

Late Testing Policy

Late tests: If you are unable to take the test at your specified time and qualify for a late test, please contact: Check the AP Exam College Board website to see if you qualify.

Please direct any questions to your AP Teacher or the Nathan Hale AP Coordinator: Ms. Proctor at

AP Exam Resources

Please direct any questions to your AP Teacher or Ms. Proctor at