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    Schedule Change Requests

    The window to submit schedule change requests has closed.  Deadline 9/11/2020, 3PM

    What to Do

    Forms: Schedule Change Request
    Master Schedule

    Two reasons to fill out a schedule change request form. :

    • MISSING A CLASS or CLASSES (Have a hole in schedule).

    • Wanting to SWITCH A CLASS for legitimate reasons (need for graduation, prerequisite not met, or scheduling error)

    Filling out a schedule change form is the first step.  Schedule change appointments are initiated by the counselors in response to the schedule change form. 


    1. Click on the above link for the Schedule Change Request Form. A copy of the Master Schedule is also linked as a reference.

    2. Make sure to include first and last name and grade. Failure to do so may result in “No Action Taken.”

    3. Only list the class you need to change and the requested substitution. Do not list your whole schedule.

    4. Save your completed form first, then email it to your counselor as an attachment. Use the space on the form to explain why you want/need to make a change. If you need more space use the body of the email.

    5. The counselor will contact you regarding your schedule request.

    Attend classes originally assigned until schedule change is official.

    Remember:  Schedule changes can only be requested for legitimate reasons, such as: course needed for graduation, prerequisite not met, to fill a hole, or scheduling error.  You may NOT request a change for an elective, to get a specific teacher or to share a class with friends.  Electives are full.

    Once you have filled out the Schedule Change Request:

    Attend originally assigned classes. Attendance is being taken in those classes. Do not assume that you will be able to make the change. We will do our best to accommodate you but there are a number of factors that the counselors have to consider when making a schedule change and it’s not always possible.

    • The counselor will notify you with either a revised schedule or a note of explanation or if you need an appointment.

    Questions?  Ms. Takahashi    

    Counselor Contact Info:

    A-Gra Mrs. Kristen Patterson       

    Gre-N Mrs. Kristie Thompson       

    O-Z Miss Kelly Creech