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    Semester 2 Schedule Change Request Process

    Deadline 2/12/2021 at 3 p.m.

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    Two reasons to request a schedule change

    • You are MISSING A CLASS(ES). (Have a hole in your schedule).
    • You want to change an ELECTIVE CLASS (need for graduation, prerequisite not met, didn’t request or scheduling error)


    1. Email your counselor. (see links below)
    2. Only list the class you need to change and the requested substitution. Do not list your whole schedule.
    3. Explain why you need to make a change.
    4. Your counselor will respond and let you know if your request can be made and send you your new schedule if adjusted.

    Please attend original schedule unless counselor sends you a change.

    We will do our best to accommodate you but there are many factors that the counselors must consider when making a schedule change and it’s not always possible. The counselor will notify you with either a revised schedule or a note of explanation or if you need an appointment.


    Ask Ms. Takahashi:

    Counselor Contact Information

    Student Last Names: A-Gra
    Mrs. Kristen Patterson

    Student Last Names: Gre-N
    Mrs. Kristie Thompson

    Student Last Names: O-Z
    Miss Kelly Creech