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    Welcome to Nathan Hale High School!

    To our New Nathan Hale families 

    Class of 2025 Freshman Course Option Sheet

    We are excited to welcome you and your family to Nathan Hale High School. We look forward to the day when we are all in the building together for classes, activities, and athletics.  We will send you information about our June New Family Night and our fall Raider Day as details are confirmed. If you would like to order NHHS spirit gear now, go to Raider Gear for NHHS sweatshirts, T-shirts, sports bags and more! 

    Virtual Registration Information Evening for Incoming Families, Thursday, April 29th at 6:30pm  

    We will share the Registration Introduction video and the Source Student Registration video. We will go over frequently asked questions and will take questions about the registration process. The link for this evening will be on our website on the Monday before the presentation.  

    Fall will be here before we know it, and selecting your classes is the first step in getting ready for high school. Online registration is open now through May 10th.  Step-by-step directions are below. For your convenience, you will also receive a hard copy of the information in this email via US Mail.

    Update as of 4/26: You may have encountered a glitch in the selection of your math class which prevented you from submitting your registration online. The glitch has been fixed so please try again.

    Step-by-step Registration 

    1. Do this first - fill out the attached Course Option Sheet (it is attached as a pdf to this email).
    • Please follow the directions on the Course Option Sheet when requesting courses 
    • Please see Course Option Sheet Tips on back of this sheet for help in filling out the sheet 
    • This form is to help you to make your choices. You will enter your choices online after filling out this form. Please keep a copy for your records in case you need to share it with your counselor. 
    • If you are currently in a private school, out of SPS district, or an incoming 10th, 11th or 12th grader, please fill out and return this form to NHHS at the main entry on Wednesdays 1-4PM, by email to registrar Renee Jackson, or, by mail to Nathan Hale High School, attn: Registrar. We will enter your class selections based on your returned Course Option Sheet. 

    2. Do this next - Online Registration

    •  Watch Registration on the Source video. This video shows how you will go in to register for your classes Registration on The Source
    • Log on to student Source account to make course requests   

    The Source Log In 

    • Problems with student Source account? Source Support  
    •  If you are currently attending a private school or an out of SPS district school, you will register by filling out and returning the Course Option Sheet. You will be assigned a SPS Source account in the fall. 
    • Use the hard copy of the Course Option Sheet as a worksheet to help you select math class, electives and four elective alternates. When you submit successfully, online registration is completed.  
    • This step is for incoming ninth graders. If you are an incoming 10th, 11th or 12th grader, we will enter your class selections based on your returned Course Option Sheet.  

    If you are experiencing glitches in online registration, don’t worry. Just be sure to return the hard copy of your Course Option Sheet to Nathan Hale and we will complete your registration. 

    Course Option Sheet Tips:   

    • Please follow the directions on the Course Option Sheet when selecting courses. See the NHHS Course Catalog  for descriptions of courses. The Course Catalog describes all courses possible at Nathan Hale, not all courses in this guide are offered annually.  Ultimately, the number of students selecting courses, teacher availability, and budget constraints determine the courses that are offered during any given year.   
    • We automatically enroll students in certain grade level classes. You will see these already filled in on the Course Option Sheet. Incoming ninth graders will select math and elective subjects to complete their schedule.  Incoming students in grades 10, 11 and 12 will select courses indicated on their Course Option Sheets.  
    • The math sequence is: 8th Grade Math -> Algebra I -> Geometry -> Algebra II -> Pre-Calculus -> Calculus and/or Statistics. 

    Select the math class next in the sequence from the class you are taking currently.  

    • Information regarding pursuing the honors designation on transcripts will be shared by teachers in the fall. Students who wish to pursue honors designations will indicate their intent to their teachers when the honors information is shared.  
    • To complete the Course Option Sheet, students select four (4) alternative classes. This increases the chances of getting a full schedule with the classes of the student’s choosing.These need to be four different courses, not just first choices rearranged.  
    • All courses taken in the ninth grade year satisfy graduation requirements. Select courses you are interested in and do not attempt to make your Course Option Sheet match friends. You are not filling out your schedule, you are requesting classes that we will use to make your schedule.   
    • When processing requests, the scheduling system prioritizes students closest to graduation. Requests are not processed based on date of submission. Please use the steps below to help your students complete their 2021-2022 course registration.  

    Music Nathan Hale has a proud tradition of musical excellence and of providing opportunities for all levels of experience.  

    • The large performing ensembles open to ninth graders are Concert Choir, Symphonic Band, and Concert Orchestra.   
    • Incoming students may audition for Chorale, Vocal Jazz and Jazz Band. Vocal Jazz and Jazz band meet zero period, which is before school. These ensembles are full year classes. Auditions for NHHS Vocal Jazz and Chorale are happening now! Go to or email Ms. Ewell at to find out how to be a part of the Hale Choir community next year. 
    • The Jazz Band audition date is yet to be determined.   
    • Students looking to explore music in other ways can take piano or guitar, which are semester long courses.   
    • For questions or more information about the instrumental music program, contact Katrina Sibicky at For questions or more information about the vocal music program, contact Erica Ewell at

    Save-the-date! We look forward to meeting you in person when we are again able to gather. 

    Raider Day, Tuesday, August 31st, 2021 (pending reopening guidelines) 

    Raider day activities include photos for school IDs, locker assignments, ASB (activity) cards, yearbooks and Raider Gear (sweatshirts, t-shirts, and/or bags) sales, walking through schedules and practicing locker combinations. 

    Finally, if now or at any point before school starts your plans have changed and you will not be attending Nathan Hale this fall, please e-mail our registrar at: as soon as possible. By doing this, will help us better balance classes for next year.  

    Welcome to Nathan Hale! 

    William Jackson 


    2021-2022 Nathan Hale Student Online Course Request Instructions 

    Online Registration Due by Monday, May 10th, 2021 

    Students will submit course requests online through The Source  

    Registration Steps:

    Step 1. Watch Registration Introduction PowToon.   

    Step 2. Watch How to Register Online video. This video shows how you will go in and register for your classes.  

    Step 3. Fill out the enclosed pink Course Option Sheet. This will help you to organize the classes that you wish to select.  

    Step 4. Most important stepYou will register for classes online, in The Source. You will use the Course Option Sheet as a guide to enter your selections in the Source.   

    Online Registration Steps

    1. Log in to The Source using your student source account, NOT your parents account. 

    1. On the left-hand column click on “Class Registration”.  

    1. Read directions carefully before proceeding. 

    1. Red exclamation point means it is a required course and options must be selected to complete the request process. Green check mark means it is not required. 

    1. Click on the “pencil” to view the course options and read the directions carefully on top of the option screen.  

    1. Make sure that you click on the bottom of the course selection screen to view more course options (page 2,3). 

    1. Please note that you will choose 1st semester only of year-long courses.  We will enter the 2nd semester for you.   

    1. Select your option by clicking anywhere in the course box (the box will turn blue). You can remove a selection by clicking the box again. After the options have been selected click “Okay”. 

    1. After selecting first choice requests be sure to select a different alternate in case their first choice is not available.   If alternates are not selected the chances of being in a course of your choice will be lowered. Alternates are on the bottom of the screen. 

    1. When you have completed selecting your course requests, you can click “Submit” on the bottom right of the page.  If there are no errors, the next screen will show your list of course requests. 

    1. If you don’t choose a required course, the minimum credit requirement, or if you go over the maximum credit requirement, the requests will not save and an error box will pop up stating, “Request Submission Failed.” Fix the error and click “Submit” again.  2021-2022 Course Requests will show on the next screen. 

    1. To view your course requests, click on “View Course Requests” on the “Class Registration” screen. 

    1. If you would like to edit your requests after they have submitted, they can click on “Class Registration” again and follow the same instructions. 

    Additional Information 

    • All courses you take in the ninth grade satisfy graduation requirements. 
    • The courses you will be able to enter online are only the courses listed on the back of your pink Course Option Sheet. You may see courses you would like to take in the Course Cataloguehowever, all courses are not offered each semester and to each grade level. See online NHHS Course Catalog for course descriptions and prerequisites specific to NHHS – link is on course selection sheet. 
    • The deadline is May 10th. If you do not register for classes by May 10th, your counselors will choose for you.   

    NHHS Resources and Information


    Excited to participate in NHHS Athletics? You can get started now! Please sign up using FinalForms, an online system that allows you to complete and sign forms from your computer, tablet, or mobile device.  

    Register on Final Forms You don’t have to wait. Sign up now for the sports that you are interested in. This will give coaches your contact information and will keep you in the communication loop. 

    For more information about NHHS Athletics: Raider Athletics 

    NHHS Course Catalog 

    NHHS Course Catalog 

    The Course Catalog describes all courses possible at Nathan Hale, not all courses in this guide are offered annually.  Ultimately, the number of students selecting courses, teacher availability, and budget constraints determine the courses that are offered during any given year.  When selecting courses, please refer to the list of courses on the Course Option Sheet. These are the courses offered per grade level for the 2021-22. 

    Graduation Check List 

    Graduation Check List 

    This provides an overview of graduation requirements for the Classes of 2022, ’23, ’24 & 2025.  

    Hale Mail 

    To receive the Daily Bulletin and other important information, sign up for your student’s grad year Hale Mail 

    SPS Skills Center Summer Programs 

    SPS Skills Center 

    Are you interested in exploring areas of interest this summer while earning high school credit? Check out the summer programs at the SPS Skills Center.  

    Source Account Information and Support 

    The Source 

    504 Plans: Appointments will be made in the fall for reviewing and updating 504 plans for high school. In late-September, please contact the Counseling Office 206.252.3694 to make a 504 plan appointment.  Families are welcome to send a copy of their student’s 504 plan to NHHS Attn: Counseling Office 

      NHHS Contacts   

    American Indian Studies                                                                                               Seqacib Classroom 
    Stacia Hawkinson 

    English Language Learner (ELL) Services
    Ali Afrah 
    Arabic, Somali 

    Esther Andrews 

    Jose Castro Arroyo
    Spanish, English 

    Hizkias Fisaha
    Amharic, Tigrinya

    Individualized Education Program (IEP) Services

    Caitlin Scott  
    Resource Room (SM1)

    Daveron Ross 
    Focus (SM2)

    Lindsay Hirzel 
    Focus (SM2)

    Mel Miller  
    SEL (SM3)

    Leland Swarts  
    Access (SM4)

    Susie Miller  
    Distinct (SM4)

    Becca Salzman 
    Distinct (SM4)

    Patricia Nelson 
    Medically Fragile

    Questions not covered above?
    Tina-Marie Tudor, Ninth Grade Coordinator