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    2017-2018 School Assignment

    Nathan Hale Information letters contain:

    • Course option sheets to select courses for next school year which include selection details and descriptions

    • Schedule for middle school visitations and private school registration date (counselors present)

    • Invitation to New Family Night (counselors present)

    • Information for Raider Day

    Ninth grade schedules are set up so all 9th graders are preregistered for their core academic classes and all courses 9th graders take satisfy high graduation requirements, therefore, appointments are not made with high school counselors prior to the beginning of the school year.

    Counselors welcome emails with specific student information (anxiety, etc.) in late August.

    Orientation for 9th graders includes:

    • New Family Night
    • Raider Day
    • Monday Morning Meetings every Monday fall quarter
    • Orientation in Block I classes

    If your questions, comments or concerns are not addressed in the Nathan Hale welcome letter, please contact Tina Tudor at or at 206-252-3680