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2022-2023 Registration Information for Grade 10th – 12th

2022-2023 Nathan Hale Student Online Course Request Instructions

Student: please submit course requests online through The Source and e-mail a digital course registration form to your Mentorship teacher

Registration Steps:

Online registration is now closed. Use the fillable PDF form appropriate to the grade you will be in the Academic Year 2022-23 and turn in to or email the Registrar, Lori Miller,

Step 1. Watch Registration Introduction PowToon’s in mentorship class. 

Step 2. Watch how to register online video. This video shows how you will go in and register for your classes. Source Video

Step 3. Fill out online course registration form . This fillable form will help you to organize the classes that you wish to take. Once completed, you will save the form to your desktop and e-mail a copy to your Mentorship teacher.

Step 4. Most important step. You will register for classes in The Source. You will use the course registration form as a guide to enter your selections in the Source.

Steps for online registration. If you do not register for classes, your counselors will choose for you.

  1. Log in to The Source using your student source account, NOT your parents account.
  2. On the left-hand column click on “Class Registration”.
  3. Read directions carefully before proceeding.
  4. Red exclamation point means it is a required course and options must be selected to complete the request process. Green check mark means it is not required.
  5. Click on the “pencil” to view the course options and read the directions carefully on top of the option screen.
  6. Make sure that you click on the bottom of the course selection screen to view more course options (page 2,3).
  7. Please note that you will choose 1st semester only of year-long courses. We will enter the 2nd semester for you.
  8. Select your option by clicking anywhere in the course box (the box will turn blue). You can remove a selection by clicking the box again. After the options have been selected click “Okay”.
  9. After selecting first choice requests be sure to select a different alternate in case their first choice is not available. If alternates are not selected the chances of being in a course of your choice will be lowered. Alternates are on the bottom of the screen.
  10. When you have completed selecting your course requests, you can click “Submit” on the bottom right of the page. If there are no errors, the next screen will show your list of course requests.
  11. If you don’t choose a required course, the minimum credit requirement, or if you go over the maximum credit requirement, the requests will not save and an error box will pop up stating, “Request Submission Failed.” Fix the error and click “Submit” again. 2020-2021 Course Requests will show on the next screen.
  12. To view your course requests, click on “View Course Requests” on the “Class Registration” screen.
  13. If you would like to edit your requests after they have submitted, they can click on “Class Registration” again and follow the same instructions.

Additional Information

  • If the pdf selection sheets do not match the online selections, we will honor the online course requests.
  • See Online Course Catalog for course descriptions and prerequisites specific to NHHS – link is on course selection sheet.
  • If you are continuing in Running Start or are interested, please mark the box on the bottom of the course selection sheet and fill out courses as a back up unless you have been Full-Time previously.