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    Nathan Hale Attendance Policy

    You are expected to be in school and actively involved in each class daily. Punctual attendance is the first requirement for success–both here and in the “real” world. The depth of coverage of material in class requires active student engagement, so when you are absent you are not actively engaged in the learning and it’s hard to replicate that when you return. A large part of your learning takes place during class discussions and participation. Many of our teachers use project based learning methods and if you are absent, not only do you miss out on the learning, but also any group you are working in is affected. Attendance and class participation are a basis for grading in classes. Check the syllabus for each class to see how this affects your grade.

    • After the first 10 minutes of the start of class, students will be marked absent if not present!
    • On time, on task behaviors are expected for ALL students.

    Clearing Absences & Early Dismissals

    If you are home sick, have a parent/guardian send a note or email to excuse absences, early dismissals, etc. to The attendance office will then clear that absence. Students must clear an absence through the attendance office within 72 hours of their return to school with a note/email.

    If you need to leave school before the day is over, bring a note from your parent/guardian requesting an early dismissal. Take your note to the Attendance Office and Ms. Daniels will issue you an E.D. pass. For parents/guardians phoning in early release requests, please call at the beginning of the school day (or by at least 1:30pm, if at all possible). Requests for early dismissals after 2:30pm are difficult to complete.

    If you arrive late to school and have no excuse note, you MUST sign in with Ms. Daniels. If you do have a note, bring it to the attendance office and Ms. Daniels will issue you a pass to class.

    IMPORTANT: Notes from parents/guardians MUST have a valid parent/guardian phone number if the student is less than 18 years old.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you have any questions about your child’s attendance record please contact:

    Martha Daniels
    Attendance Secretary