Virtual Tour for Prospective Families

<This was originally posted in January 2022.>

Nathan Hale Virtual Tour

We wish we could meet you in person. Until we can do that safely, we have created virtual ways for you to explore Nathan Hale High School. Come join us!

School Information Evening (virtual event)

Thursday, February 10, 2022 at 7 p.m.

Dr. William Jackson, NHHS Principal, and NHHS students will present information about our school and will take questions from families.

Join the meeting

Student Led Tour of NHHS

Join our students on a virtual tour of the school.

Watch Nathan Hale Virtual Tour on YouTube

Please note: From the start of the tour video filming in November to completion in January, COVID cases surged. We appreciate your understanding of the masked portions of this video which were filmed recently.

About Nathan Hale

Our mission is to ensure that ALL students will become honorable, thinking, skillful, global citizens.

Nathan Hale is inspired by the Coalition of Essential Schools and provides personalization in education in a rigorous inclusive environment. The Ten Common Principles of the Coalition of Essential Schools guide the vision for Nathan Hale. 1) Learning to use one’s mind well, 2) Less is more, depth over coverage, 3) Goals apply to all students, 4) Personalization, 5) Student as worker, teacher as coach, 6) Demonstration of mastery, 7) A tone of decency and trust, 8) Commitment to entire school, 9) Resources dedicated to teaching and learning, and 10) Democracy and equity.

Students at Nathan Hale High School develop critical thinking skills and engage with topics by learning and using the Five Habits of Mind which are:

  • Viewpoint – From whose viewpoint are we seeing, reading or hearing? From what angle or perspective?
  • Evidence – How do we know what we know? What is the evidence and how reliable is it?
  • Relevance – What does it mean? What does it matter?
  • Connections – How are things, events or people connected to each other? What is the cause? What is the effect? How do they fit together?
  • Supposition – What if…? Could things be otherwise? What are or were the alternatives?

Our ever-growing number of College in the High School (CIHS) courses provide academic opportunity and rigor for all our students. The benefit of CIHS is that all NHHS graduates leave high school with college credit. The college courses appear on the high school transcripts. To receive a college transcript, students pay a tuition fee that is less than what the courses would cost in college. We are fortunate to have funding for eligible students to receive scholarships for their college transcripts. All juniors and seniors are enrolled in ENG 101, US HIST 147 & US HIST 148, POLSCI 101 and ECON 101.

We are proud of the number of students who participate in NHHS sports, clubs, music and theatre. Our C-89.5 radio station is nationally ranked and sets national trends.

Student voice is valued and encouraged. Students serve on our Principal’s Advisory Committee, our Race and Equity Team and on Senate, our building leadership team. Student led forums are attended by students and staff alike.

Nathan Hale enjoys exceptional parent and community support for our academic programs, activities, and athletics through the Nathan Hale Community Organization, booster clubs, and the Nathan Hale High School Foundation.

School Information Videos

Principal William Jackson

Welcome and Introduction to Nathan Hale High School Principal William Jackson
Welcome and NHHS Introduction

Overview of Nathan Hale High School
NHHS Overview

Assignment, Open Enrollment, Registration, & Orientation
Assignment, Open Enrollment, Registration & Orientation

SM1 IEP Information

Does your student receive SM1 IEP services? The information below will answer questions you may have.

  • Students in our Resource/SM1 program are typically enrolled in one period of Study Skills in order to work toward their IEP goals and to support their work in their general education classes.
  • Study Skills counts an elective and is considered a “Personal Pathway” credit when it comes to graduation requirements.
  • Study Skills is a graded course and included in a student’s cumulative GPA.
  • All students can and will succeed! (Passion/Perseverance=GRIT)
  • We advocate for your student with the goal of coaching them to become their own advocates
  • We want to help them make informed choices about their learning and post-high school career
  • We mentor and coach—our job is to help them succeed on the path to Graduation!
  • We are honorable, thinking, skillful, global citizens at Hale!

SDI occurs in a variety of ways at Hale including, but not limited to:

  • Individual or small group instruction in basic math, reading, writing, study skills, and social skills
  • Changes to the presentation of content from general education courses in goal areas (Re-teaching concepts related to goal areas, mini-lessons, one-to-one support, and small group instruction)
  • Changes to the general education content itself (Differentiated/Scaffolded/Modified/Alternative Materials)
  • Conferences/Instruction related to behavioral goals
  • Modeling and teaching strategies that address study skills/organizational goals
  • Re-teach concepts and provide further explanation of the curriculum
  • Student maintained records reflecting Specially Designed Instruction (SDI) work toward goal areas (increases understanding of needs and self-advocacy skills)
  • Monitoring student progress through a number of different avenues including classroom performance, teacher observation, teacher feedback, weekly conferencing with general education teachers, and curriculum-based-assessments
  • Facilitating communication/meetings between students and general education teachers
  • Grade checks and follow up on assignment completion
  • Organization and Planning
  • Provide a small group setting for test taking with extended time and support
  • Central to our philosophy at Nathan Hale
  • Ensure communication with your student’s teachers to discuss and plan curriculum and mutually agreed upon SDI for your student
  • Provide continual necessary information, guidance, and oversight on a regular basis with staff to ensure delivery of services and accommodations outlined in every student’s IEP
  • Abridged IEPs (“IEP at a Glance”) are sent to each student’s teacher within the first two weeks of school

Set up routines that work for you!

  • Self-Care! (manage stress, drink plenty of water, take breaks, be kind to yourself) Talk to your IEP teacher if you need anything!
  • Keep Organized- We will be working on this throughout the year
  • Know how to ask for help or where to find it…ask your IEP teacher!
  • Set a timer to dedicate yourself to a task, Use an electronic calendar with due dates, Check Schoology and the Source regularly

Learn How to Navigate the Following:

  • Schoology and The Source
  • OneNote
  • Various other curriculum used to support IEP goals in the 9th grade such as Success Maker and IXL

Get Involved

  • Join a club or a sport
  • Get involved with ASB or meet with your graduating class.  Class of 2026 will meet regularly to discuss important items and events.
  • Attend school events-sports, theater, music, art exhibitions, etc.
  • Service learning in your community

For questions about 9th grade SM1 IEP services, contact:

Caitlin Scott

For contact information for other IEP Specialists:

Tina Tudor

Summer Skills Center Classes

SPS Summer Skills Center classes are open to eight graders entering high school in the fall. Taking a Summer Skills Center class is an excellent way to explore a field a student might be interested in. High school Career Technical Education (CTE) credit is earned by taking a Summer Skills Center class. Courses include: Exploring Computer Science, Intro to Automotive Technology, Intro to Computer Animation (Cyber Camp), Intro to Construction Trades, Intro to Culinary Arts, Intro to Engineering, Intro to Firefighting and Emergency Medical Services, Intro to Graphic Arts, Intro to Maritime Vessel Operations, Intro to Medical Careers, Intro Multimedia Broadcasting (radio), Intro to Teaching Academy/Careers in Education, Intro to Video Production and Introduction to Virtual Reality. The Multimedia Broadcasting class is offered here at Nathan Hale in our C89.5 radio station.  

For more information and application: Summer Skills Center Classes

NHHS Clubs

NHHS Clubs:

  • welcome all students in all clubs
  • meet weekly at lunchtime, usually in the rooms of the advisors
  • post their meeting day and location in the Daily Bulletin and front hall
  • meet to share similar interests
  • plan activities, events and fundraisers
  • are student led
  • have a staff advisor
  • are determined by student interest
  • are charted through the Associated Student Body of NHHS
  • are considered strong leadership elements in the school
  • are a great way for students to connect

Current clubs can be found on our Clubs page. If students have an idea for a new club, they fill out a Club Charter form found in the main office and submit to ASB for approval.

Learn More About Our School

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