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Spring Musical 2023 Signups

Together we share this celebration of life called Hello, Dolly!  In this story, we remember the value of life and learn how to treat ourselves like a VIP by pursuing our dreams, saying “hello” to love, to reliable friendship, to adventure!  It’s within you.

Sign up for our Spring Musical Hello, Dolly!  Everyone is welcome to do theatre here (that means YOU).  No experience necessary.  We need performers, builders, musicians, leaders, collaborators, goofers, and bonders.  Whether or not you consider yourself creative or capable, we’re here to tell you that when you are here…you are both.

Signups open this Monday December 12th. Auditions will be on January 3rd. Don’t put it off. Sign up now!!

Sign up on our Spring Musical website or scan the QR code outside the Black Box.

Check out our Insta @nathan_hale_theatre