Performing Arts Kickoff Night, Friday September 9th

Theatre & music enthusiasts and anyone you know who is interested in theatre or music at Nathan Hale is cordially invited to the Performing Arts Kickoff Night on Friday Sept 9th @ 6-7:30pm in the Commons.

What will happen:

  • Meet the music & theatre directors, and student & parent leaders
  • Learn about opportunities for how to get involved with and support music and theatre at Nathan Hale!

What to bring:

  • A beverage or small dish to share.
  • Yourself and anyone you know who is interested in participating in or hearing more about performing arts at Nathan Hale.

We hope you’ll join us!  You can do theatre and music here!!  This is a place for YOU.


Mr. Roby (theatre)

Mr. Holland (choir)

Ms. Sibicky (instrumental music)

Nathan Hale Theatre

Nathan Hale Music