Friday 9/17 Message to Families

Partially edited version of SchoolMessenger email to families:

Curriculum Night Becomes Curriculum Month

We will no longer have a Curriculum Night on September 23rd (in-person or virtual). We are transforming our Curriculum Night into Curriculum Month, which will be the month of October. Starting October 1st, and for the whole month, families will access videos made by their student’s teachers through The Source / Schoology.

Classroom Visits

During administrative team visits to classes we are seeing the following:
-Students engaged in learning and working collaboratively while using technology seamlessly.
-Personal narratives are one of the topics for student writing which is one way for students to share pieces about their identity.
-Collaborative team building is happening supporting our goal of Safe and Welcoming Environment.
-Socratic Seminars have already begun in classes with students leading the discourse.
It is wonderful to see students excited and engaged in the learning process. Bravo to teachers for planning great learning experiences for all!


In our 21st century learning environment, it is more important to ensure students meet standards rather than just ranking them and rating them against one another on a percentage based system. As we move toward a standards-based grading system as a district, it is important that the learning that students gain be recognized beyond grades on assignments which is not reflected in zero grades. A zero grade disregards the learning that cannot be assessed by grades on assignments. Our new district grading systems insists that when we use numbers to ascertain grades we go no lower than 50%. A 50% means that students have not mastered the material or skills that they need to demonstrate. Also, this means that when a student submits an assignment and it does not meet standard they have the option to resubmit or retake an assessment. At Nathan Hale we have always believed that students take differentiated amounts of time to learn and master skills and content, so we are comfortable embracing the new district grading system.

Picture Makeup Day, Wednesday, September 22nd for Student ID Card and Yearbook

For students who missed Raider Day (Tuesday, August 31st). There is no cost for student ID card and yearbook photo. Photos taken from 8:30am to 2:00pm on the stage in the Performance Arts Center. Student portraits can be purchased on the Yuen Lui website. Contact with any questions about ordering portraits.

Healthy Youth Survey

Our school will participate in the Healthy Youth Survey on October 19th. The survey asks questions about risks for injury, healthy outcomes, and alcohol and drug use. Survey results used to support youth and reduce their risks. The Healthy Youth Survey is voluntary and anonymous and provides important information to guide policy and fund programs that serve our youth. Our 10th and 12th grade students will be taking the survey in class. Of course, if you wish that they opt out, they may.

PSAT (Pre Scholastic Aptitude Test and National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test) and SAT

On Wednesday, October 13th, the PSAT and SAT will be given at Nathan Hale.
-PSAT: for sophomores and juniors. Free of charge. No registration is required. Study Guides for the exam were distributed to Mentorships and extra copies are in the Counseling Office. The College Board PSAT website has practice lessons and tests for students.
-SAT: for seniors. Free practice for the SAT on the College Board SAT website. If students took the PSAT before, they can link their score results with Khan Academy for personalized practice.
More details will be available soon. Contact Melinda Greene,, if you have questions.

COVID Case Protocol

If, and when, a student tests positive for COVID at NHHS, the following actions will be taken in accordance with SPS COVID protocols and procedures. Families with students in the classes attended by the student who tested positive will be notified. As with all FERPA protected matters, the student who tested positive will not be identified. There is a COVID-19 Dashboard on the SPS website that identifies which schools have students and/or staff who have tested positive. If looking at the dashboard you see a positive case at NH but you were not notified, your student did not share a class with the student who tested positive. We know families may have additional questions about SPS COVID protocols and procedures. The SPS website is the source for additional information.

Safety Safety Safety

Northeast 110th Street and 30th Avenue NE are busy streets in the morning and at the end of the school day. Students move past our school to get to the middle school and at the same time, many students are dropped off by family members. Please instruct your student to cross streets using crosswalks. Also, please drop off and pick up your student on the south side of 110th or the east side of 30th. This will ensure that students don’t have to cross these busy streets.

Forms Forms Forms

Please turn in FERPA and Emergency Info/Release Form and other applicable forms from the start of school packet. Families have until the end of September to verify student data online through the parent’s Source account. Other important info on the Start of School Forms webpage includes District Health and Safety Protocols, Naviance (the Online College and Career Planning Tool), Schoology and the Source.

Message from Nathan Hale Senate

NHHS parents, guardians, adults – you are invited! We are looking to get your input and perspective on important school issues. Come join the Nathan Hale Senate this year! The Nathan Hale decision-making body meets two Tuesdays a month from 4:00pm-5:00pm. We will start the year meeting remotely via Teams. Remote meetings will be in place at least through October.

We are still seeking voting members to help guide the larger school-wide conversations and to give their input as decisions come to the table. Though everyone is welcome to attend and join in discussion, we are looking for two voting members to represent parents/guardians/adults of ELL student(s) and of 12th grade student(s). Please contact Rebecca Padilla ( if you are interested or want to learn more. Thank you!