Friday 9/24 Message to Families

Fall has officially begun and school is in full swing at Nathan Hale. Take a few minutes each day to ask your student about what they are learning. Ask them what surprised them today? What was fun today? What challenged them today? Each day should bring new and exciting learning opportunities.

When we work together we can ensure that ALL students are learning and enjoying the challenge of learning.


Safety is a top priority at Nathan Hale and we are proud of the responsibility our students show during our drills. We conduct four types of drills regularly including our Fire Drill Evacuation, Earthquake Drill, Shelter in Place and Lockdown drills. We would like to share the differences between Shelter in Place and Lock Down because often the two are confused with each other. By knowing the difference, you can ask insightful questions of your student when they come home with variable information. Please let us know if anything does come home that needs explaining beyond what your student is able to share.

Shelter in Place – Most of the Shelter in Place incidents are due to health issues where we clear the halls to give emergency personnel the space they require and to give privacy for the student. These shelter in place incidents are not usually building safety situations but rather are times when we need to limit student movement within the building. With over 1100 students, it is a useful strategy to keep teaching and learning happening while managing a situation involving emergency personnel.

Lock Down – A Lock Down is a much more serious situation that calls for locking the building and classrooms and helping students find safe and secure places in classrooms to remain calm and quiet. If a Lock Down occurs at NH, you will always receive an email from the school explaining the situation after our initial focus of securing the site and attending to student and staff safety. Students often text during these situations. Parents and guardians then become concerned and call the school for information. Please help us keep phone lines open for incident response and understand that information will be coming.

COVID Case Protocol Update

In follow up to last week’s message, if and when, a student tests positive for COVID at NHHS, families with students in the classes attended by the student who tested positive will be notified by text message using Talking Points. The parent/guardian number texted will be the phone number we have in the system so if we do not have your cell number, you will want to ensure you update it. Parents may update their student’s contact information via the Data Verification link on the parent’s Source account through the end of this month. After September 30th, any changes to parent contact information must be made with the office directly. The text you receive from us may be from an out-of-state phone number. As with all FERPA protected matters, the student who tested positive will not be identified. Students in the classroom who are known to be in close contact with the affected student will be contacted directly by district contact tracers. For more information about Talking Points, please check this web page:

Attendance Reminders from Attendance Office

Procedure for Early Dismissal – Students leaving early should exchange their signed parental note for a Temporary Dismissal pass as soon as possible. Parent’s needing to retrieve their students for an appointment need to call the Attendance office at 206-252-3684 or send an email to as soon as possible. Since the Attendance office secretary is usually away from her desk from 1:00-2:00pm, retrieving students at the end of the day is not always successful and can be chaotic. Calling early in the morning, or as soon as you know the student needs to leave, yields the best and most accurate service.

Current district COVID protocol states only students, staff and approved visitors/volunteers are allowed in the building. If coming to school to pick up your student, please call from outside the building and meet your student outside.

Vacation – Fill out a Pre-Planned Absence form no later than 3 days before the absence will occur. Forms are also available in the Attendance office. Teachers will need to fill out the back of the form to indicate work to be completed while on vacation. Once the form is completed, please send it to the Attendance office for processing.

Class of 2022

Our Graduation Date for the Class of 2022 has been determined and it will be Monday, June 13, 2022 at 8:00pm at Raider Field.

Testing and Assessments on October 13th

All four grade level exams will be administered in Mentorship classrooms this year on Wednesday, October 13th. Seattle school district has registered all seniors, juniors and sophomores for their exams, which are free.  

SAT – Seniors

Practice is available on the College Board website:

PSAT/NMSQT – Juniors and Sophomores

Practice is available on the College Board website: More information about recognition programs available to juniors and the Student Search Service can be found here:

Smarter Balance English/Language Arts, Math and Science – Freshman

The 9th grade class will take the Smarter Balance English/Language Arts, Math and Science exams in Mentorship classrooms. These exams are computer adaptive and measure grade level skills from the 20-21 school year. The tests have been redesigned to be shorter than in the past and no longer have a performance task. Freshmen will take the test on their school laptops. Personal devices cannot be used. Headphones will be available to those who need them.

Please direct questions to Melinda Greene (

Message from Nathan Hale Senate

NHHS parents, guardians, adults – you are invited! We are looking to get your input and perspective on important school issues. Come join the Nathan Hale Senate this year! The Nathan Hale decision-making body meets two Tuesdays a month from 4:00-5:00pm. We will be meeting remotely on Teams. We are still seeking a voting member to help guide the larger school-wide conversations and to give their input as decisions come to the table. Though everyone is welcome to attend and join in discussion, we are looking for one more voting member to represent parents/guardians/adults of ELL student(s). Please contact Rebecca Padilla ( if you are interested or want to learn more. Thank you!

Start of School Forms

The FERPA form sent home with students in the Start of School packet are due back at school by Friday, October 1st, a week from today. Please return all applicable forms to school with your student.