School News

Friday 9/10 Message to Families

We end our first full week of school with the happy announcement of the arrival of our newest member of the Nathan Hale Community: the daughter of Principal Jackson and his wife, Kelly. Congratulations to the new family!

Getting and Staying Connected

We are excited to get back in the swing of what we hope is a more familiar school year and we want to be sure that families feel connected with NHHS and the NHHS community. We have several ways for you to be in the know.

This Friday Message and the others that will follow throughout the year come to the email/s we have on record for your family via the School Messenger System. We use this system to send the Friday Message from the principal, essential all-school information and grade level information. At times we will send a voice message when we have information families need to have in a timely way.

Would you like to know what the NHHS clubs are and be able to help your student find where and when they meet? Would you like information about athletic meets and games, music and theatre performances, all-school events, service learning opportunities and other opportunities our students have in the community? If so, sign up for Hale Mail to get the Daily Bulletin sent to you. Sign up by going to

The Nathan Hale Website ( is also a good source of information. The Friday message each week is posted here as well as the Daily Bulletin. Building schedules, counseling department information, student life information, parent and guardian involvement opportunities and upcoming events are all found on the website. Exploring the NHHS website will give you helpful information about the school. We are currently still waiting for the ability to update our website calendar with Nathan Hale specific events. On the website, there is a translation tool that allows multilingual families to use Google translate. 


While building student schedules, we try to ensure that class sizes are equally balanced. We do try to review class size numbers fully before schedules are released, however numbers in classes are never accurate until the first several days of school. Since the school year has begun, we are still seeing a need to balance math, science and humanities classes. This means that students in the upcoming week may still be notified that they have to change a class, period, or teacher. We understand this can feel disruptive to students. We want students to be in classes where the numbers are lower and this year more than ever, we want the students to be safe in classrooms that are not overcrowded. High school master schedules have a Tetris-like element to them and we appreciate patience and flexibility as we make it all work.

Incompletes from 2nd Semester of the 2020-21 school year

Incompletes earned during the 2020-21 school year are permanent grades and will not revert to Es. Students have until the end of the following semester to replace the “I” with a letter grade. This means that students with 2nd semester incompletes from 2020 – 21 will have until February 2022 to complete their learning plan. For questions regarding learning plans, students should directly contact the classroom teacher where they earned the incomplete. For any incompletes earned during the 2021-22 school year, students have the usual six weeks after the term to complete the individual learning plan and convert the “I” to a letter grade.

If Your Student Needs to Leave School Early

If you wish to sign your student out early before regular dismissal, for the most accurate service, your student should come to the Attendance office (before school starts) with a signed note, or you may email the Nathan Hale Attendance inbox ( in the morning. All physical notes from home must include a parent’s valid phone number. Your student will receive a Temporary Dismissal pass which they give to their teacher when leaving the buliding. Retrieving students close to the end of the school day can be chaotic so planning ahead by sending a note with student at the beginning of the day is recommended. For emergency or last minute situations, call the Attendance line (206-252-3684) as soon as possible to request their release. If you choose to come to the building to sign your student out, you may still want to call us from outside the Main Entry since all adults entering the building must follow the protocol below. 

Protocol for Visitors, Parents, Volunteers and non-Hale Students Coming to Our Building

All visitors, parents, volunteers and non-Hale students entering SPS buildings must:

*be fully vaccinated (please be ready to show your vaccination card) and wear a mask at all times.
*complete a health screening. The Qualtrics digital health screening QR code is on our Main Entry doors. It is also available on the SPS Qualtrics page. You complete this on the day you are hoping to enter the building. PLEASE show the green check when you enter the building.
*check-in at the Main Office to sign in and get your visitor name tag.

Please use the Main Entry doors on the west side of the building by the Staff/Visitor parking lot to enter the building. All other doors are for student use only.

Though we wished for things to be as it was pre-COVID, if at all possible, we encourage visitors and parents to contact us by phone (206-252-3680) or email before coming to the building. We may be able to assist you without requiring a trip in to the building. You can find email addresses on our Staff webpage. Thank you for helping us keep the students and staff healthy and safe!

Message from Nathan Hale Senate

NHHS parents, guardians, adults – you are invited! We are looking to get your input and perspective on important school issues. Come join the Nathan Hale Senate this year! The Nathan Hale decision-making body meets two Tuesdays a month from 4:00pm-5:00pm. We will start the year meeting remotely via Teams.  Remote meetings will be in place at least through October.

We are still seeking voting members to help guide the larger school-wide conversations and to give their input as decisions come to the table. Though everyone is welcome to attend and join in discussion, we are looking for two voting members to represent parents/guardians/adults of ELL student(s) and of 12th grade student(s). Please contact Rebecca Padilla ( if you are interested or want to learn more. Thank you!

Upcoming Dates in September

Wednesday, September 22nd: Photo Make-Up Day
Families can still order their student’s portraits from Yuen Lui by going to the Yuen Lui online ordering website.
Thursday, September 23rd: Virtual Curriculum Night
The district has stated that our Curriculum Night will need to be virtual this year so stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Jill Hudson, Ed.D
Substitute Administrator