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    Friday, 10/30 Message to Families
    Posted on 10/30/2020

    Beloved Community,

    We hope that you had a good week and are looking forward to the weekend ahead. We complete our first two months of the school year this week and complete our first quarter next week. We want to thank our students, our families and our staff for hanging in there as we all navigate our new school setting. Make sure to read through the entire message as news items this week include information from our yearbook staff on how all students upload their yearbook photo and a link from our Sentinel staff to their first issue this school year.

    Curriculum Night is Here!

    This past Wednesday during Mentorship, we launched our Remote Curriculum Night, where students created playlists of their classrooms and learning community. We appreciate you shifting with us from in person Curriculum Night to our Remote Curriculum Night to learn about Nathan Hale and our virtual learning experience our educators are providing. Further, this exciting learning experience supports our vision of ensuring student agency, along with strengthening our digital teaching and learning skills. Families should have received an email from their student’s Mentorship teacher that included links to videos posted by their different teachers. The email should have been sent with the subject line: Nathan Hale HS Virtual Open House. If you have not received this email, please contact your student’s Mentorship teacher or email your student's name to Thank you for joining us in the effort! 

    A Message from our Students

    Given that it is Halloween weekend, I want to share a message from our Coalition of Asian Pacific Students about Halloween and Cultural Appropriation:

    Dear Hale Community, 

    With Halloween coming up, we have a few things we would like you to keep in mind when celebrating and choosing costumes. This is important to us so we can continue to de-normalize cultural appropriation, ensure our peers and community feel respected, stop the single story narrative created by costume stereotypes, and raise awareness that every community – including the Hale community – can be more inclusive. During these times, where xenophobia and cultural erasure against the API (Asian Pacific Islander) community all over the world is still going on, it is important to shed light on the injustices and how cultural appropriation and stereotyping against API’s continues to be normalized. Though it might be a costume to you, to many it’s a culture’s history, art, and lived experience, and it is not okay to misrepresent and mock it. This Halloween we want to make sure that people recognize the difference between appropriation and appreciation: 

    ·         Appropriation is taking something sacred to people, not doing research, and taking cultural elements for your benefit when you don’t have to deal with the drawbacks (oppression and discrimination) that people face within a culture.   

    ·         Appreciation is knowing the history behind things, being educated, and appreciating it from a far. But if there is a sacred practice, steer away from participating in it, instead educating yourself from it. 

    Here are some questions to ask yourself and consider when choosing a costume: 

    ·         Does the costume make you feel uncomfortable?  

    ·         What makes you want to wear it/Why are you dressing up as -- ?  

    ·         Are you appropriating or are you appreciating?  

    ·         Is your costume based off a culture, and if it is do you know the background behind the culture?  

    ·         Do you understand what costume you're putting on or are you wearing a stereotype? 

    Included through this link is a list of costumes with explanations regarding why they are offensive. 

    Thank you, 

    CAPS, Coalition of Asian and Pacific Students 

    Nathan Hale Pumpkin Carving Competition

    First Place and 2020 NHHS Pumpkin Carving Champion is senior Katrina E. for her amazing Pennywise pumpkin! Katrina will receive a candy-filled Halloween gift basket this week and the title of reigning Pumpkin Carving Champion!

    The Sentinel

    The first issue of The Sentinel for this school year is now available! Please check it out by going to the The Sentinel website

    Save The Date! Remote Community Connection on Monday, November 16th at 6:00pm 

    Please join us to hear from SPS staff Carri Campbell and Sherri Kokx as they share this year’s strategic plan goals and answer any questions families might have about the district’s strategic work during remote learning and beyond. A link to this meeting will be coming soon.

    Washington State History

    If your student has not completed Washington State History (offered in 7th or 8th grade) please contact their counselor to take care of this graduation requirement. You can find your student’s counselor by referring to the NHHS Counseling webpage.


    Every Wednesday from 1:00-4:00pm, our librarian, Dana West, will be checking out books at the main entry of school. Students are invited to browse the books on display, or log into the library catalog and place holds on the books they want to read. Ms. West is also now offering online book recommendations. Students can fill out a short form at to get personalized recommendations of books currently available in the Hale library! To view the library catalog online and place books on hold for Curbside Checkout, please visit Ms. West looks forward to meeting students who come to check out books. There is always information about the library available on Schoology and on Instagram @raiderreaderslib. Please reach out to Ms. West at if you have questions about Curbside Checkout, textbook distribution, or anything else about the library!

    Family Resource Center on NHHS Campus Now Open 

    To meet the basic needs of Seattle Public School families across the north end, FamilyWorks and Seattle Public Schools are opening a satellite family resource center, located at the South side of Nathan Hale High School.

    FamilyWorks will be onsite at Nathan Hale High School each Wednesday from 12:45 to 3:00pm. The FamilyWorks Family Resource Center is a warm and inviting place that offers programs and services designed to support families. At the Center, families will be connected to knowledgeable and friendly staff who can assist with rental assistance applications, enrollment in public benefits, and will help families navigate a vast network of community resources. FamilyWorks offers a free diaper program, free clothing, books and toys for children of all ages, and weekly groceries at its food bank, available through its Wallingford location: 1501 N. 45th Street, Seattle. FamilyWorks also helps families to connect within their community by offering multilingual playgroups, parent support networks, and other enrichment activities for families. Services will be offered in English, Spanish, and Somali. To reach FamilyWorks outside of its hours at Nathan Hale High School, please call (206) 694-6727.

    Join Nathan Hale Senate

    NHHS parents and guardians – you are invited!  We are looking to get your input and perspective on important school issues. Come join the Nathan Hale Senate this year! It has never been easier to participate in NHHS decision making from the comfort of your home. The Nathan Hale decision-making body meets two Wednesdays a month from 3:45 – 4:45pm remotely via Teams.

    We are still seeking voting members to help guide the larger school-wide conversations and to give their input as decisions come to the table. Though everyone is welcome to attend and join in discussion, we are looking for two voting members to represent parents of ELL students and parents of special needs students. Please contact Rebecca Padilla ( if you are interested or want to learn more.

    Yearbook Portraits

    All 9th, 10th, and 11th graders will take and submit their own yearbook portraits this year! Our video tutorial walks you carefully through each step of the process. Alternatively, the same instructions are also available in the form of an infographic.

    Video tutorial: Nathan Hale Yearbook Portrait Tutorial (2020-2021)
    Infographic: How to Submit Your Own Yearbook Portrait

    (Seniors have a unique set of instructions for submitting senior portraits. CLICK HERE to view them.)

    Submit your portraits before November 20th, 2020!

    Contact the Nathan Hale yearbook team if you have any questions.
    Instagram: @nhhs_yearbook2020

    Seattle Promise Scholarship Application

    Seniors are able to apply for up to two years (or 90 credits) of free college tuition plus support services to help with the transition from high school through college. All Seattle Public School high school graduates are eligible regardless of their grade point average (GPA), family income, test scores or country of birth.  The deadline to apply for the Seattle Promise scholarship is February 1st. Seniors interested in attending North, Central, or South Seattle College and receiving the Seattle Promise Scholarship can get support with the application by connecting Francisco Ramos from Seattle Promise. He will be assisting students with the application process and can also be reached by email at


    Since these are long messages with a lot of information, we do post these Friday messages on our Nathan Hale website so you can always go back to them if you missed a detail or date.

    Please make sure to submit your ballot for the general election if you haven’t already. The deadline is just four days away! Finally, a reminder that Daylight Savings time ends this weekend – we’ll all get an extra hour of sleep!

    Have a great weekend!

    With love,

    William Jackson (Black|he, him)
    Nathan Hale High School