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    Welcome to Nathan Hale High School!

    Registration Information Class of 2024

    To our new Raider families,

    We are excited to welcome you to Nathan Hale and Raider Nation and we are excited to help transition you to high school.  Please read this information and then re-read this again as there are many details and we ask that you inform yourself by viewing the power point and videos to ensure your registration is done accurately.  

    Step-by-step Registration

    We are asking families to complete the registration process both online and by filling out and returning the enclosed Course Option Sheet in the stamped envelope provided. The pink hard copy serves as a work sheet to make online registration easier and, when returned to NHHS, serves as back up in the event of online glitches preventing successful online registration.

    1. Fill out the Course Option Sheet – Pink hard copy in mailing
      • 9th Grade Course Option Sheet can be found here  
      • Please follow the directions on the Course Option Sheet when selecting courses
      • Please see Course Option Sheet Tips below for help in filling out the sheet.
      • View Class of 2024 NHHS Registration Information presentation (at top of page).
      • Use the Course Option Sheet as a worksheet when you begin your online registration
      • When you are done with both the Course Option Sheet and online registration, please return the Course Option Sheet to Nathan Hale:

        Nathan Hale High School
        10750 30th Avenue NE
        Seattle, WA  98125
    1. Online Registration
      • View Seattle Public Schools video guide to online registration Note: video is a general how to, not NHHS specific


    Note: ALL courses taken in 9th grade meet graduation requirements

      • Log on to student Source account
        • Problems with student Source account?  See page 3 for Source support contact
        • If you are currently attending a private school, you will register by filling out and returning hard copy. You will be assigned a SPS Source account in the fall.
      • Use the pink hard copy of the Course Option Sheet as a worksheet to help you select math class, electives and four elective alternates. When you submit successfully, online registration is completed.

    If you are experiencing glitches in online registration, don’t worry. Just be sure to return the pink hard copy of your Course Option Sheet to Nathan Hale and we will complete your registration.

    Course Option Sheet Tips: 

    • All courses students take in the ninth-grade year satisfy graduation requirements.
    • Please follow the directions on the Course Option Sheet when selecting courses. Our Course Catalog or Guide with the descriptions of courses can be found on Hale’s website Resources and Services/Forms and Documents.  The Course Catalog describes all courses possible at Nathan Hale, not all courses in this guide are offered annually.  Ultimately, the number of students selecting particular courses, teacher availability, and budget constraints determine the courses that are offered during any given year. 
    • We automatically enroll ninth graders in “Academy” classes, which include language arts, social studies, health and science. 
    • Students are to include a math class selection in accordance with their eighth-grade math teacher’s recommendation. Regarding Math Placement:  If your student is coming from a Seattle public middle school, his/her current math teacher will recommend a math placement.  Students will be placed based on those recommendations.  If your student is coming from a private school, please ask his/her current math teacher for a placement recommendation if you are not sure what the next math course in sequence would be for your student.
    • Students will select two elective subjects per semester to complete their schedule. 
    • To complete the Course Option Sheet, students select four (4) alternative classes. This increases the chances of getting a full schedule with the classes of the student’s choosing. These need to be four different courses, not just first choices rearranged.
    • When processing requests, the scheduling system prioritizes students closest to graduation. Requests are not processed based on date of submission. Please use the steps below to help your students complete their 2020-2021 course registration.

    Music Nathan Hale has a proud tradition of musical excellence and of providing opportunities for all levels of experience.

    • The large performing ensembles open to ninth graders are Concert Choir, Symphonic Band, and Concert Orchestra. 
    • Ninth graders may also audition for Chorale, Vocal Jazz and Jazz Band. Vocal Jazz and Jazz band meet zero period, which is before school. If a ninth grader is accepted into Vocal Jazz, they will also register for and take Concert Choir or Chorale. These ensembles are full year classes. Auditions for NHHS Vocal Jazz and Chorale are happening now! Go to or email Ms. Ewell at to find out how to be a part of the Hale Choir community next year.
    • The Jazz Band audition date is yet to be determined. 
    • Students looking to explore music in other ways can take piano or music survey, which are semester long courses. 
    • For questions or more information about the instrumental music program, contact Katrina Sibicky at  For questions or more information about the vocal music program, contact Erica Ewell at

    Save-the-date! We look forward to meeting you in person when we are again able to gather.

    Raider Day, Tuesday, September 1, 2020 (pending reopening guidelines)

    Ninth graders attend from 9AM to 12PM

    Raider day activities include:

    • photos for school IDs & locker assignments
    • ASB (activity) cards, yearbooks and Raider Gear (sweatshirts, t-shirts, and/or bags) sales
    • walking through schedules and practicing locker combinations
    • activities designed especially incoming ninth graders

    Finally, if now or at any point before school starts your plans have changed and you will not be attending Nathan Hale this fall, please e-mail our registrar at: as soon as possible. By doing this, you will help families on our wait list and will help us better balance classes for next year.

    NHHS Resources & Information


    When athletics are again possible, we will be back on the fields. For information and updates, please check the NHHS Athletics website and the SPS Athletics website. We will email fall sports information to incoming families as soon as information is available.

    Class of 2024 NHHS Registration Information

    This overview of NHHS registration is linked at top of the page.

    Course Catalog  

    The Course Catalog or Guide describes all courses possible at Nathan Hale, not all courses in this guide are offered annually.  Ultimately, the number of students selecting courses, teacher availability, and budget constraints determine the courses that are offered during any given year. (Link here)

    Course Option Sheets – Ninth Grade

    The course option sheet has been translated into Amharic, English, Chinese, Somali, Spanish, and Vietnamese. (link here)

    Graduation Check List

    2021 & Beyond Graduation Checklist

    This provides an overview of graduation requirements for the Class of 2024.

    Note all classes taken in the ninth-grade year fulfill graduation requirements.

    Hale Mail

    To receive the Daily Bulletin and other important information, sign up for your student’s grad year Hale Mail (link here).

    Skills Center

    Information and updates can be found here for Skills Center Summer classes.

    Source Account Help

    Elizabeth Crouse

    504 Plans:

    Appointments will be made in the Fall for reviewing and updating 504 plans for high school. When school reopens, please contact the Counseling Office 206.252.3694 to make a 504 plan appointment.  Families are welcome to send a copy of their student’s 504 plan to NHHS Attn: Counseling Office

    NHHS Contacts

    American Indian Studies

    Seqacib Classroom
    Stacia Hawkinson

    English Language Learner (ELL) Services

    Ali Afrah
    Arabic, Somali

    Esther Andrews

    Jose Castro Arroyo

    Hizkias Fisaha
    Amharic, Tigrinya

    Individualized Education Program (IEP) Services

    Caitlin Scott
    Resource Room (SM1)

    Daveron Ross and Lindsay Hirzel
    Focus (SM2)

    Mel Miller
    SEL (SM3)

    Tim Arnot
    Access (SM4)

    Susie Miller
    Distinct (SM4)

    Becca Salzman

    Distinct (SM4)

    Daniel Barkley
    Medically Fragile


    Questions not covered above?

    Tina-Marie Tudor
    Ninth Grade Coordinator