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    How does the 10th Grade Integrated Studies schedule work?


    Sample Schedule:

    Block III/IV Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4
    Block III (approx. 75 minutes) Humanities World History III Humanities World Literature 10 A Humanities World History IV Humanities World Literature 10 B
    Block IV (approx. 75 minutes) Art and Design Biology A Career Essentials Biology B

    Biology Curriculum

    Biology A

    • Biology at an Atomic Scale
    • How Animals Eat, Grow and Use Energy (at macroscopic, microscopic and cellular levels)
    • How Plants Grow and Use Energy (at macroscopic, microscopic and cellular levels)

    Biology B

    • Genetics
    • Evolution and the Diversity of Life on Earth
    • Ecology and Environmental Studies

    Career Essentials

    The mission of Career Essentials is to support and inspire all 10th grade students to have meaningful and successful lives beyond high school.  We will specifically focus on the next five years, helping students navigate the vast and exciting educational opportunities and career pathways available.  This is a required class for all 10th graders at Hale. 

    Unit 1 - How can we prepare for the future?
    Unit 2 - How do we measure success?
    Unit 3 - What should I do with my money?
    Unit 4 - What are my options for school, work and life?
    Unit 5 - What is the right plan for me?
    Unit 6 - Culminating Exhibition of Learning

    Art and Design

    This is an inviting and comprehensive course for artists of all ability levels.  We include interactive activities and studio projects with an emphasis on art history, design processes, and visual communication.  We enrich students’ lives through artistic discovery and creative problem solving as well as build fluency in the language of art with the study of elements, principles and 21st century competencies.  Students will create art works with a variety of mediums including use of the Nathan Hale Maker Space. 

    • Elements and principles of art
    • Various types of media
    • Evaluate the work of artists
    • Art awareness and appreciation
    • Create studio work
    • Understand history and cultural diversity through art
    • Explore, theorize and apply principles of aesthetics and art criticism
    • Develop an art identity