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    Essential Question:  What is the significance of self-identity?

    LA 9A (Fall)

    Unit 1 The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian ~ Personal Narrative

    Unit 2 The Hate U Give ~ Project and Exhibition

    Unit 3 American Born Chinese ~ Text Response

    LA 9B (Spring)

    Unit 1 Romeo and Juliet ~ Reading & Performance

    Unit 2 Night ~ Analytical Essay

    Unit 3 The Joy Luck Club ~ Family History Narrative



    World History I (Fall)

    Unit 1 –  Introduction to the year and to each other – who we are, our families and our culture. How does our culture     and personal philosophy shape how we see the world and help us understand world history?  Note: the exploration of culture and philosophy continues through the year.

    Unit 2 – The rise of democracy and the Republic in Ancient Greece and Rome.  Exploration of contemporary democratic conflicts (CBA).

    Unit 3 – Middle East.  Origins of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, historical and geographical context of modern Middle East.  Issues of US foreign policy in the Middle East.

    World History II (Spring)

    Unit 1 – India.  Geography and demography of modern India.  Philosophy and religion in Indian history including Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Sikhism. Origins of modern India, including the movement for independence, and modern Indian society with a focus on environmental issues.

    Unit 2 – China. Geography and demography of modern China. Philosophy and religion in Chinese history including Confucianism, Taoism, Legalism, and Buddhism.  The dynastic system and the birth of the People’s Republic of China.  Modern China with a focus on the environment, culminating in a final environmental summit (joint project with Science class).



    Physics (Fall)

    Unit 1   Static Charge and discharge

    Unit 2   Waves— Sound vs. Light

    Project/Application—Science Exhibition Night

    Chemistry (Spring)

    Unit 1   Atomic Structure and nuclear chemistry

    Unit 2   Electrons location and mobility

    Unit 3   Ionic Compounds, conductivity, solubility

    Unit 4   Covalent molecules, electronegativity, polarity, bulk properties

    Project/Application-- Paris Climate Summit Human Ecology Project



    Your Developing Brain (Fall)

    • Personality and your unique brain ~ knowing yourself supports healthy decision making.
    • The Teenage Brain is Under Construction ~ Optimum brainpower through health and wellness.
    • Mental Health:  Strategies to deal with stress, depression, and bullying. Suicide warning signs and how to help a friend. Accessing resources for support.
    • Drugs/Addiction:  Understanding addiction and its effects on individuals, families and communities.

    Your Developing Body (Spring)

    • Communication skills: conflict resolution, assertiveness skills.
    • Human Sexuality:  Knowledge and communication skills are essential for healthy relationships.
    • Physical Health ~ Food choices and exercise habits affect overall health.
    • First Aid/Emergencies:  CPR certification and emergency preparedness.