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    The Nathan Hale Academies are the result of a multi-year, all-staff educational reform process. They are a key part of a long-term goal to create a school that meets the needs of ALL students, ensuring they will become honorable, thinking, skillful citizens.

    There are three academies in our ninth grade program, each staffed by four teachers.

    • Each of the four teachers in an academy is a specialist in one or more of the following: health, language arts, science or social studies.

    • Students will receive a full year of academic credit in each of these four subject areas.

    For the fall semester, each academy is further divided into a health/science block and a language arts/social studies block.

    • Students will do course work in a single block first quarter, and then work in the other block second quarter.

    • Your student will have either health/science or language arts/world history first quarter; second quarter they switch and have the block they did not have first quarter.

    • Quarter academy classes are worth a semester credit per class.

    • We are able to do this because the class periods are longer and material is covered in an in-depth manner.

    Academies meet during the first three hours of the day.

    • We have developed a schedule that consists of two academic blocks each day ranging from 65 to 90 minutes.

    • For the first several months of school, Mondays begin with a 20-minute “all-academy” meeting used for announcements, team-building activities, and orientation to Nathan Hale High School

    Our academies operate on the inclusion principle: all students attend the same classes and meet high standards of behavior and academic achievement and all students have the option of doing honors level work by fulfilling requirements specified. IEP teachers oversee and implement accommodations for students who have an IEP.

    In the ninth grade, we begin building the skills necessary for students to be successful beyond high school in the Innovation Era. Some of these skills are collaboration, communication, critical thinking, inquiry, creativity and persistence.

    As you may know, current ninth grade students are required to complete 24 credits to graduate. At Nathan Hale, we have required 23.5 credits for graduation for nearly two decades and our current schedule offers 27 possible credits towards graduation. Our present school design work focuses on Career-Connected Learning because we believe students will benefit if they understand the ways their learning in school will be relevant to their lives after graduation.