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    Nathan Hale Decision-Making Matrix
    Code: A- Approve, R - Recommend, D - Decide, SD - Shared Decision
    Group/Issue District Admin Staff Athletic Director Act Coor. Senate Academic Teams Dept. Chairs School Resource Team ASNH Committees PTSA NH Foundation All Sports Boosters Music Boosters CFG
    Budget  A  SD  R,SD      R, A          R          
    ASB Budget  A  A    R  R          D            
    Hiring  A  D  R  R        R      R          
    Transformation Plan  A  SD  SD      R  SD  SD    R            
    Curriculum  A, R  SD  SD        SD  R  R              R
    Assessment  A  SD  SD          R  R  R            R
    Staff Goals/Eval.    SD  SD  R                        
    Professional Development  R  SD  SD  R, D  SD    R  R      R          D
    Staff / Grade Assignments    D  R  R      R  R                
    Building Use    A, D    R  R  R  R  R                
    Students at Risk  R  D  D        SD    SD  R            
    Daily Schedule    SD  R      SD  R  R                
    Stipends / Extra Time  A  SD  SD      R                    
    Teacher Intern    D  SD        R  R                
    School Wide Events    A  R  R  D  R        SD    R  R  R  R  
    Discipline School Wide  A  D  R      R      R  R            
    Safety  R  SD  R            R  R  SD  R        
    Building Climate    A  SD    R  R  R  R  R  SD  SD          
    Community Involvement  R  SD  R  R  R  SD      R  SD  SD  SD  R  R  R  
    Attendance & Tardies    D, SD  SD      D      R  R            
    Extracurricular (by staff)    SD  R  R  SD        R  R            
    Grants  A  SD  R      R  SD  R        R      R  
    Technology  D  SD  SD      SD  R  R      SD        R  
    School Visitations    D  D    R  R        R            
    Facility Maintenance  D  D  R  R                        
    Public Relations    D  R  R                  R  R  R  
    Fundraising    SD  R    R          SD    SD  SD  SD  SD  
    Parent Activities    A  R  R  R  R      R  R    SD    SD  R  
    Registration/Master Schedule    D  R        R  R                
    Support Staff Assignment                                
    Reflective, Ment., Reading      SD      SD                    
    Room Assignments    D  R