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    It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it. ~Oscar Wilde

    Reading is one of summer’s great pleasures. This is the time you get to read what, when, and where you want. Read at the beach, under a tree, on the couch or in a coffee shop. Read for an hour in the morning before getting out of bed. Pass an afternoon reading or read late into the night.  

    Need recommendations? Check out the Raider Reading List or obtain some suggestions from teachers and your librarian at Hale. Get recommendations from your friends and family.

    Your summer reading assignment is simply to read as much as you can and to come to school in the fall ready to chat about it all. In classes we may well acknowledge those who have read a large number of books, or one really long one; extremely challenging books, or very old ones. But, of course, this sort of recognition will really be beside the point if you have challenged yourself to read more than you think you can and if you have become a more complete human being as a result. Happy Reading!