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    What is a Book Chat?

    A Book Chat is a conversation with your teacher about a book you have read. It is a discussion, not a quiz and there are no wrong answers in Book Chats.

    How Do I Do a Book Chat?

    1. Select a book to read which may come from the suggested Raider Reading List in the next link on the library web page.*

    2. Read and enjoy the book this summer. Select two or three questions from the list below and think through how you would answer them in a discussion about your book.

    3. Come prepared when school starts to schedule and have a “Book Chat” with your mentorship teacher on the book you read. Bring the book with you to your Book Chat.  You may want to make a few notes on the sheet under the questions you select – feel free to bring to the Book Chat.

    4. Book Chats are 10% of your Language Arts grade, so when you complete your first Book Chat with your mentorship teacher, you will have fulfilled part of your Language Arts class requirement!

    Book Chat Questions – select two or three.


     From whose perspective is the novel told? Why did the author choose this perspective?

     How did the book cause you to look at the world differently?


     What other books did this one remind you of and why?

     Which of the book’s characters do you most admire/connect with? Why?

     Explain how one of the characters is like and unlike you.

     Explain how one character influenced another.


     Was this book believable? Why or why not?

     What research do you imagine the author had to do to write this book?


     What is the meaning/importance/significance of the book’s title?

     Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not?


     How could this character have changed his/her fate? Was it possible to change his/her fate? Why or why not?

     Propose a different ending and support your choice.

    *Note: The Raider Reading Directory is used at Hale for grades 9 – 12. The books listed cover a wide range of themes, content and reading levels. For ninth grade summer reading, we are including Young Adult books which may be more appealing to some readers making the transition from middle school to high school. They are noted with an * on the directory.

    We encourage parents and students to review book choice together to get the most appropriate fit in terms of content and reading level.