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    This year at Nathan Hale students will have the opportunity to engage themselves in our Challenge Curricula. 9th grade teachers at Hale developed the Challenge Curricula concept to meet the following goals:
    • Align Honors activities with the current curricula;
    • Develop differentiated activities for our students who have a wide range of learning styles and academic interests;
    • Increase the accessibility of the curricula to all students;
    • Develop extra-credit projects that are meaningful and aligned with learning objectives; and
    • Integrate the disciplines with challenging projects.

    Each academic team (health, science, L.A., and social studies) has prepared a Challenge Curricula menu for their course. Students are encouraged to discuss honors and extra-credit work with their teacher. Extra-credit will be worth a maximum of 5% of the total grade.

    In order to earn Honors credit students must:

    • Earn an 85% or above in daily class work;
    • Complete 600 pages of outside reading (your books must be reviewed with your LA or mentorship teacher before you begin and represent selections that are academically challenging for you);
    • Earn an "A" in Responsible Scholarship; and
    • Complete and meet standards for required honors challenge assignment. No late honors work.

    In order to earn Extra-Credit students must:

    • Complete daily class work and
    • Complete an assignment from the extra credit/challenge menu for a unit of study.

    Homework assignment for all students:

    Please sign below, and have your parent/guardian sign to indicate an understanding of how honors and extra-credit will work in the 9th grade academy classes. Tape signed sheet in your logbook for homework check.