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    Students will attend class daily, and be prepared to work at the start of class. A student is considered TARDY if not seated when the bell rings for the beginning of class. A student is considered ABSENT if a class, or a significant portion (10 minutes or more) of a class is missed. Three tardies will also be counted as an absence.

    The Nathan Hale attendance policy requires students to appeal for credit in a class when ten absences are reached. Academy class (Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Health) students are required to appeal for credit after five absences are reached. This is due to the fact that academy classes change quarterly, and are longer in class period length than semester classes.


    All students are members of the Nathan Hale learning community. They are expected to show respect for themselves, and for their fellow students at all times, inside and outside of the classroom. This includes:

    • Always giving your individual best effort
    • Being quiet and listening when others are talking
    • Respecting school property, and the property of others
    • Remaining seated during class presentations by teachers or students
    • Using appropriate language (no swearing or put-downs, in any language)


    Students will be allowed to drink water during class time. Other than water, eating/drinking in the classroom will be allowed only during silent reading time, except for special occasions, planned in advance by the instructor.

    Students are expected to be in class, prepared to work, during class time (see Attendance expectation). It is the student's responsibility to take care of non-classroom needs, such as trips to the bathroom or getting materials from lockers, during passing time. To accommodate unusual or unforeseen circumstances, students will be given two hall passes per quarter by their mentor teacher.


    The Nathan Hale staff is dedicated to providing a supportive environment for student learning. Ultimately, responsibility for that learning belongs to the student. In addition to the expectations above, all Hale students are expected to show responsibility for their own learning by:

    Asking for help, especially from their mentor teacher
    Turning in work on time (see Late Work, below)
    Doing their own work (see Cheating, below)
    Supporting other members of their learning community, both students and staff


    Late work is any work turned in after the assigned date or time without advance agreement from the instructor. Late daily work results in losing 50% credit.Late major projects results in a loss of 10% each day. It is the responsibility of the student to discuss late work with the instructor.


    Cheating is taking credit for any work that is not your own. No credit will be given for work that is other people's work. This can include copying on a test, copying homework, and plagiarising (copying from a published author without giving them proper credit). In the case of homework or tests, both persons will lose credit for the work.


    is expected of all students.