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    Academic Intervention


    Math and Biology End of Course Make-Up Exams

    BIOLOGY - Junior and Senior students who have not passed the Biology End of Course exam will have an opportunity to make-up the exam on June 8, 2017.  This exam is required for graduation.  The study guide may be found on the OSPI website (cut and paste in your browser): 

     Students may also meet standard with a score of 16 or above on the Science portion of the ACT exam.

    MATH - juniors and seniors who have not previously passed the paper/pencil Math End of Course (EOC) exam will have another opportunity on June 7, 2017.   One alternative to the EOC is the Smarter Balance Math (SBA-Math) test.  The SBA-Math test will be the week of May 22, 2017.  

    In addition to the EOC and SBA-Math, students may meet the Math graduation requirement with a score of 430 on the SAT with Writing or a score of 16 on the ACT with Writing.
    The Smarter Balance English/Language Arts (ELA) exam is a graduation requirement for the class of 2017. Those students who have not yet passed or would like to improve their score will re-take the test in May. The first administration is November 1st. Click to practice - Please see Ms. Greene for more information.

    The State Board of Education has set the following cut scores:

    SBAC Score Standards

    GraduationThe Collection of Evidence (COE) is a state approved alternative assessment for seniors who have not met state standards on End of Course Exams and/or the Smarter Balance exams.

    The COE is an evaluation of a set of work samples based on classroom work, prepared by the student, with instructional support from a teacher. All portfolios are completed online in the classroom.  The work must meet the same standards at the Smarter Balance Assessment.  Passing a COE satisfies the assessment requirement for a specific content area and will contribute to earning a Certificate of Academic Achievement. This option is one of several available to Washington State high school students to fulfill assessment graduation requirements. Students must meet eligibility criteria to access the COE.

    Students may submit a COE in Reading, Writing, Mathematics and/or Biology. Eligibility to submit a COE requires a student to have taken the applicable content area assessment one time without meeting standard prior to submitting a collection. See the COE Guidelines for 2016-2017.

    Collections must meet eligibility and sufficiency requirements to qualify for scoring. For eligibility requirements students should talk to their teacher and/or counselor.

    College Entrance Exams

    What test scores qualify?
    SAT with Essay, ACT with Writing Test Scores

    Students must meet or exceed one of the following scores in a subject area:

    Class of 2017 and beyond:

    Graduation Assessment Requirement SAT with Essay
    (March 2016 or later)
    ACT with Writing


    430 16

    English Language Arts

    410 14
    Science (biology) N/A 16

    Class of 2016 and prior:
    Graduation Assessment Requirement OLD SAT
    (prior to March 2016
    SAT with Essay (March 2016 or later) ACT with Writing


    390 430 16


    350 19 13
    Writing 380 22 15*
    Science (biology) N/A N/A 16

    PSAT, ACT, ACT Compass, Explore and Plan tests DO NOT qualify for this option.

    A student may use a score of 3 or more from an Advanced Placement Exam. Nathan Hale offers AP classes in Environmental Science, Calculus, Statistics, English Literature, English Language, U.S. History,Computer Science, Japanese, Spanish, and Studio Art.

    Click to take the practice test: Smarter Balanced - computer assisted testing