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    Tuesday, 9/15 Important Info
    Posted on 09/15/2020

    Beloved Community,

    We have four communications to share today.

    Wednesday, September 16th Distribution Day is canceled due to health and safety concerns resulting from the Air Quality Designation the city of Seattle is under. 

    Behavior in Remote Classroom Settings & Use of Student Emails for Signing Into Classes
    As we navigate the new frontier of distance learning, we have been made aware of certain instances in remote classrooms where students have been coming into classrooms and behaving inappropriately. This is upsetting for the other students in the classroom, disrupts the learning environment and undermines the feeling of safety students should have at school. We are addressing the incidents from last week and on Monday and are taking steps to prevent future disrespectful behavior. 

    The first step to prevent future incidents is the use by students of their SPS email. When all students use their SPS email, we can be certain everyone in the remote classroom is on the class list. Teachers will be able to recognize the students when interacting with them and will be able to build a relationship with them when they can see who they are interacting with based on seeing actual names. There is also an accountability factor with the use of SPS emails by students. We will hold students accountable for use of obscenities, hate speech, put downs of any kind and disrespect of fellow students and teachers in remote classrooms. To do this, we will be requiring students to use their SPS emails when signing into their classrooms. We appreciate the support of families in this matter and encourage conversations around respect of others in remote classrooms.  Together we will make remote classrooms safe for all students. 

    Accessing SPS Student Email Accounts
    Here is the district’s webpage about student email, which includes steps for students to access their school email. For students using district laptops, it is as simple as clicking the Outlook icon on the desktop of their computer. 

    Requesting Name and Gender Changes
    Students, parents or guardians may request a change of student gender and name by contacting the Seattle Public Schools admissions team. To change the name and/or gender of your student in our systems and records, please contact Faauu Manu, manager JSCEE services, or 206-252-0205.

    Stay safe everyone.