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    Friday, 8/28 Message to Families
    Posted on 08/28/2020

    Beloved Community,

    I hope you are well and getting prepared for our school launch next Friday. Below, you will see updates and new information followed by information from previous Friday messages for your convenience. 

    School Start and End Times
    School will start daily at 9:00am. On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, school will end at 3:50pm. On Wednesdays, school will end at 2:35pm. We will be sharing detailed information regarding the daily bell schedule next week. 

    Class Schedules
    Class schedules will be ready to view in The Source Monday, August 31st by the close of the workday. We will not be mailing schedules home this year. Currently, we are working on balancing classes, ensuring students have all their core subjects, and updating schedules that have missing classes. We will have the same criteria for schedule changes that we have had in the past. The criteria and the online fill-in schedule request form will be available on our website when schedules are made available for view. Information will also be available on the website for making appointments with counselors. Once schedules are published, we will continue to balance classes where necessary to avoid overloaded classes. Final schedules will be the schedule students see on The Source right before school starts.

    Our priority is starting school with complete and accurate schedules. Thank you for your understanding and patience with the process.

    The Source
    If you do not have a Source account, please sign up now by following this link so you will be able to view your student's school schedule on Monday. To sign-up, you will need your student's ID number and you will enter the email the Seattle School District has for you. If you use a different email, it will not be recognized, and you will not be able to sign up.

    Join Our Associated Student Body!
    Students in grades 9-12,  join your ASB by running for office! If you want to run for class office or ASB office please contact Mr. Renouard with your intent ( Students must have a 2.0 GPA and a willingness to serve. Elections will be held the first week of school for grades 10–12. Ninth grade elections will be held several weeks after the start of school. For each of the student leadership groups (ASNH, Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes), the positions are President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Class offices also add the position of Senate Rep.    

    Laptop Distribution for Grade 9 students and for students in grades 10 - 12 who do not have Seattle School District laptops
    Grade 9: Incoming 9th graders who received a laptop in 8th grade should bring their middle school laptop to return to the district and be issued an upgraded high school laptop. (The middle school laptops will be re-purposed and are needed to assign to current middle school students.)
    Grades 10-12: If you did not pick up your laptop last spring or are new to Nathan Hale, please pick up your laptop during one of the days below.

    Laptop Distribution Procedure
    Distribution will take place at the main entry of the school. Masks are required and will be provided for those who do not have them. Physical distancing will be maintained. There are no appointments - just come within the time frame. 

    Lap top Distribution days and times
          • Wednesday, September 2nd, 9:00am-12:00pm, and 1:00pm-4:00pm
          • Thursday, September 3rd, 9:00am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-4:00pm
          • Wednesday, September 9th, 9:00am-12:00pm This is an extra day for families unable to pick up their laptops on the 2nd or 3rd

    There are many aspects to guaranteeing access to digital learning for all our students, and your student having a Seattle Schools laptop is important to all of them. Whether it is the only device your student has, or one of many, we want your student to have their Seattle Public Schools laptop as their primary school device. Student laptops make the experience of logging in, using learning programs, receiving tech support updates and new apps smooth and reliable. When teachers give directions on how to use a program, your student on the SPS laptop will receive reliable tailored information to make technology an open door to learning, not a barrier.  

    Distribution of Other School Materials
    As teachers assign textbooks and other materials, we will use Wednesdays for distribution days. We will use School Messenger and Schoology to make distribution information available as we move forward. All distribution days will follow the health and safety procedures of masks and physical distancing. 

    SPS Strong Start
    September 4th –11th are considered “Strong Start” days for fall of 2020. In agreement with SEA, all staff will focus on supporting students’ social and emotional well-being, culturally responsive community building, family connections, and making sure students know how to use their technology tools to access learning. 

    At Nathan Hale, we will be focused on getting connected with our classes, coaching our students through the technology tools we will be using and familiarizing them with how classes will be run. We will also be establishing practices for what Wednesdays will look like for students. On Thursday, in our professional development groups, we as a staff experienced some of the technical challenges we will all face as a learning community this fall. We came out of the morning with an appreciation and sensitivity for what our students will be feeling and experiencing. With grit, humor and lots of support, we will all get through this together.

    William Jackson (Black|he,him)
    Nathan Hale High School

    Information from last week's Friday Message that may be helpful:

    A through C- or Incomplete will be the grading approach for 2020-21. This model allows teachers to communicate student progress towards standards while supporting all students, especially students of color furthest from educational justice, to graduate on-time and become career and college ready during the remote school re-opening. 

    Special Education Services
    How will IEP or 504 plan goals be met?

    For students receiving specialized services and in alignment with their IEP or 504 plan, some students may receive small group, in-person instruction if it is determined that services can be provided safely and services cannot be accessed successfully through remote learning. The Special Education Department is working closely with Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction to develop guidance for rigorous remote instruction. More detail and recommendations for the start of school was introduced to the School Board during the August 5th Start of School work session.

    How is SPS working to prioritize the needs of students with IEPs in an online setting?
    The Special Education Department is working closely with Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction to develop guidance for rigorous remote instruction.
    In alignment with a student's IEP, and if the student's IEP team determines that services cannot be accessed remotely and can be provided safely, some special education services may be provided in person. The IEP & Referral Guidance document is being updated to support IEP teams in this process. The department is also collaborating with the Professional Development office to ensure supports and trainings are in place for school leaders, staff, and case managers.

    Our goal is to provide general education support for FAPE (free appropriate public education) and ensure our students are successful in the least restrictive environment.

    Students and families furthest from educational justice will be prioritized so their voices are centered as we continue to support student success. The department will be hosting several community forums in August and September to hear from our African American, LatinX, Asian, Native American/American Indian, and Pacific Islander families so that we can strengthen and ensure that we are providing culturally responsive practices for our students with disabilities. We will post these events on our website when schedules are finalized.
    Read more on the Special Education FAQ webpage.

    English Learner (EL) Supports
    Where can I find supports and information in my home language?
    Educators will have guidance on remote instructional approaches to assist students in developing academic language so that they can engage with grade level content. Collaboration between EL staff and classroom teachers as to how core instruction is planned and delivered will be vital to the success of our students.

    District staff have translated key information for families, including technology "how to" videos. These language focused webpages are located as tabs at the top of the district website and each school site.
    •       Amharic
    •       Chinese
    •       Somali
    •       Spanish
    •       Tagalog
    •       Vietnamese

    Athletic update 
    If you have a student interested in or even just considering participation in athletics this school year, please don’t hesitate to sign your student up now by going to FinalForms at Signing up online will give the coaches your correct contact information, keeps us informed on who is interested, and allows the school to contact you directly with updates. 

    Current athletic schedule (all dates are tentative, and all activities are pending approval): 
    September 28-November 30 Optional conditioning opportunities for every sport team (subject to update and more info to follow)
    December 28-February 28 Season 2: boys and girls basketball, coed wrestling, boys swimming, gymnastics and girls bowling 
    March 1-May 2 Season 3: Football (starts Feb 17), volleyball, coed golf, girls soccer, coed cross country, slow pitch softball, girls swimming, cheerleading and boys ultimate 
    April 26-June 27 Season 4: coed tennis, fastpitch softball, coed track & field, boys soccer, baseball, girls ultimate and boys and girls lacrosse  
    The goal is for Nathan Hale to have athletics this school year. The seasons will be different, and a lot depends on the health of King County and what we are cleared to do. For the most up to date information on athletics in the state please go to If you have any questions please contact the Athletic Director Darby Haskins at Go Raiders! 

    Closed Campus. No Group Events. No School Events 
    The remote learning plan has been approved by our school board. Guidance regarding the distribution of school materials, library books, and other items will be communicated to us from the district. Like last spring, distribution will be done at Nathan Hale following safety and physical distancing protocols. 
    We have been informed that outside of these SPS approved specific material distribution events necessary to student learning there are to be no school sponsored (or related) activities/events on or off school property. This includes students meeting to do yearbook, sports practices, students on fields or tracks, or participation in other in-person events.  

    Our traditional Raider Day will occur when we are able to return to our building. We will have detailed information in the Friday message next week regarding the ways we will take care of the activities that were in the past done on Raider Day. We appreciate all of the feelings, questions and concerns families have at this point. We are experiencing them too. What we do know to be true is we will continue to work to make this a strong start to school.


    SPS Planning for Fall 2020 webpage

    King County 24-hour crisis line at 206-461-3222.

    Family Resources for COVID-19 Related School Closures:

    Mental Health Support Services during COVID-19 Closures:

    Low-Cost Internet Access: