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    Friday, 8/14 Message to Families
    Posted on 08/14/2020

    Beloved Community, 
    We appreciate your patience and trust in how we are planning to launch our fall, and wanted to share some important announcements that will impact our learning. Although our remote learning plan has been approved by our school board, our school calendar and schedule are still in bargaining. We hope to have guidance soon regarding the distribution of school materials, library books, and other items to launch the school year. Please read the following areas regarding feedback from the digital learning survey, our ongoing focus on anti-racism and culturally responsive teaching, our athletic updates, and our Seattle Public Schools Reopening Plan. 

    We are working on plans for many of the aspects of the traditional start of school now and will share them with you as we finalize them. There are a number of decisions still to be made on the district level but one determination has been made and is clear - onsite school activities will not be taking place with the exception of distribution of materials which includes laptop computer for students who do not have them yet. More information and a schedule will follow in future Friday messages. 

    Nathan Hale Digital Learning 
    Thank you for completing our digital learning survey. The trend that was most apparent in the survey was the hope that we will provide a consistent schedule and communication regarding changes in the school day.  We appreciate your feedback and intend to be responsive to this trend and the others that were identified.  
    Anti-Racism and Culturally Responsive Teaching 
    During July, members of our Racial Equity Team attended a workshop titled Dismantling White Supremacy in Schools with Joe Truss. In this workshop, there was a focus on institutional racism, and the  impact this has on school safety, sense of belonging, and student learning. There was a primary focus on this document, link to WSC checklist, we are intending to share more of these ideas with our staff and community as we strengthen our learning in becoming an anti-racist school community. Nathan Hale started exploring this document as a staff during last school year, and this workshop was key for us to look even deeper into concepts of anti-racism. Members from our Racial Equity Team are also reading, We Want to do More than Survive: Abolitionist Teaching and the Pursuit of Educational Freedom by Dr. Bettina Love. 

    Lastly, our Humanities Team read We Got This: Equity, Access, and the Quest to Be Who Our Students Need Us to Be, by Cornelius Minor, which focuses on how listening and learning from students provides the necessary culturally responsive tools for student empowerment and access. We’re looking forward to continuing this work at Nathan Hale and in our school community. 

    Athletic update 
    If you have a student interested in or even just considering participation in athletics this school year, please don’t hesitate to sign your student up now by going to FinalForms at Signing up online will give the coaches your correct contact information, keeps us informed on who is interested, and allows the school to contact you directly with updates. 

    Current timeline (All dates are tentative, and all activities are pending approval): 
    September 28-November 30 Optional conditioning opportunities for every sport team (subject to update and more info to follow)
    December 28-February 28 Season 2: boys and girls basketball, coed wrestling, boys swimming, gymnastics and girls bowling 
    March 1-May 2 Season 3: Football (starts Feb 17), volleyball, coed golf, girls soccer, coed cross country, slow pitch softball, girls swimming, cheerleading and boys ultimate 
    April 26-June 27 Season 4: coed tennis, fastpitch softball, coed track & field, boys soccer, baseball, girls ultimate and boys and girls lacrosse  

    The goal is for Nathan Hale to have athletics this school year. The seasons will be different, and a lot depends on the health of King County and what we are cleared to do. For the most up to date information on athletics in the state please go to If you have any questions please contact the Athletic Director Darby Haskins at Go Raiders! 

    Closed Campus. No Group Events. No School Events 
    The remote learning plan has been approved by our school board. Guidance regarding the distribution of school materials, library books, and other items will be communicated to us from the district. Like last spring, distribution will be done at Nathan Hale following safety and physical distancing protocols. 
    We have been informed that outside of these SPS approved specific material distribution events necessary to student learning there are to be no school sponsored (or related) activities/events on or off school property. This includes students meeting to do yearbook, sports practices, students on fields or tracks, or participation in other in-person events.  
    The exception to this will be OSPI mandated special education services at specific locations, offered to students with specific IEP needs that must be met with in-person instruction.

    School Board Approves State Required Reopening Plan 
    Every district in Washington State must adopt, through board resolution, a reopening plan following the template provided by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), and then file that plan with OSPI and the State Board of Education.  
    OSPI’s Reopening Plan Template covers a variety of student health and academic needs that must be addressed in order to reopen school in Fall 2020, including but not limited to: health screening plans, physical distancing, meals to students, school cleaning, a school calendar that meets state instructional hours requirements, grading policy, technology, family engagement, and professional learning for educators. The reopening plan is a living document and will be adjusted as our context and the transmission of COVID-19 shifts.  
    On August 12th, the school board approved the OSPI Reopening Plan Template, which includes a remote start to the 2020-21 school year for most students with exceptions for students receiving special education services in alignment with Individualized Education Programs. Some in-person instruction may be provided if it is determined that special education services can be provided safely, and services cannot be accessed successfully through remote learning. It is the recommendation of staff and the school board that the district continues this remote model until the risk of significant transmission of COVID-19 cases has decreased enough to resume in-person instruction. 
    Also approved as part of the Board action:  
    Middle school and High School: A through C- or Incomplete will be the grading approach for 2020-21. This model allows teachers to communicate student progress towards standards while supporting all students, especially students of color furthest from educational justice, to graduate on-time and become career and college ready during the remote school re-opening. 
    SPS continues to bargain working conditions related to the reopening plan. You can review the approved OSPI Reopening Plan Template and related resolution including additional commitments accessible through the link below.   

    We appreciate all of the feelings, questions and concerns families have at this point. We are experiencing them too. What we do know to be true is we will continue to work to make this a strong start to school. 

    William Jackson 


    SPS Planning for Fall 2020 webpage