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    Friday Message to Families from Jill Hudson
    Posted on 03/20/2020


    Dear Families,

    I hope you are all well and spending time differently than ever before. I have been running a lot and spending time at home with my family. We abruptly left school last week and sent out a lot of information. Moving forward we will communicate with you on a regular basis by keeping the Friday message going.  In this message we will update you on things and also refer you to the many messages that the district office is sharing.

    Students are picking up lunches every day from Nathan Hale kitchen staff and starting next week there will be other food available if families are in need. The food distribution can be accessed from the south doors closest to the student parking/south lot from 11:00am to 1:00pm every Monday through Friday while school is closed.

    The sports fields at NH and near the school are still open. Have conversations with your students that it is okay to use the fields unless they are sick. They should stay home if they are sick. They should also play games that keep them apart from one another. No sports like wrestling and tackle anything.

    Teachers have been given directions to post to Schoology regularly and to share with students and families regularly. They will be sharing learning ideas that are optional. You should be receiving messages and information from teachers either through Schoology or email. It would be a great learning lesson for students to connect back with their teachers. We all miss everyone a great deal so please consider encouraging your student to email their teachers. Note: If you are not receiving any emails, it could be that we do not have your current email in our student database. If you have received this email from me, then our teachers should have your current email. 

    At the end of my message I've included links to a number of resources that you may want to check out including the school district's webpage with COVID-19 updates, free internet, City of Seattle community resource webpage, special enrollment period for health insurance coverage due to COVID-19, etc. 

    Registration for 2020-2021
    Registration will be left open online for students to access through the Source. We will post helpful instructions on the website including the counseling department's advisement presentation. Please email your school counselor with any questions regarding registration. Click here to find the email address for your student’s counselor. Running Start juniors should check their email for a message from their school counselor sent before the closure. We are working with the local colleges on a plan for students who wish to enroll in Running Start next year.

    Senior students and families
    I met with the senior class on the Wednesday (3/11/20) before school was out, right before they took their senior group photo. I shared with them how difficult this spring would be and I still believe this is the most difficult spring I have seen in my 30 years of work in education. We must stick together and plan for a positive future. I would love to give you specific information about grad requirements and graduation but I cannot do that yet. The state office of instruction is putting together a plan for graduation requirements. In the next few weeks we will be able to share that plan with you. For now, students should complete their Beyond High School Plan in Naviance. All seniors were introduced to this back in the fall by their school counselors and directions have been sent out about what they need to do to complete this task. It is not just a task but a future planning experience. Instructions can be found on our Nathan Hale website in the High School and Beyond for Seniors news entry.  

    For seniors regarding Hale Action Projects (HAP)
    A number of seniors have HAPs connected with Seattle Schools, senior facilities or organizations within our community. Due to closures and restrictions on gatherings, these projects may not be able to take place as planned, however:

    • Continue to plan and work on your HAP as if it is going to take place.
    • Continue to work out all of the details as if you would be doing the activity.
    • A significant aspect of the HAP is detailed planning and organizing - you have unexpected time to do that well now.
    • If you are in communication with community members and your activity can’t take place as planned – communicate in a professional manner with the people you have been in touch with and your expert advisor to share that you will now be focusing on the planning.
    • If this goes on for quite some time and your activity cannot take place, you will present all of the detailed planning you did for your HAP presentation.
    • In other words – continue to work on your projects to the point of completion as if you were doing your HAP activity.
    • To seniors who have completed projects, congratulations!  We are working on what HAP presentations will look like in our new circumstances - will send that to you when we have a better idea of the spring timeline.

    When we know more about the changed high school requirements for graduation we will let you know. If your student was on track to graduate as of February 29th then they are very likely to graduate. If your student was not on track to graduate, meaning they have not earned enough credits, they will be contacted by their counselor to find out how they can make up those credits. What we are now doing is getting information from the state about what “on track” specifically means. Changes will be coming, stay tuned.

    Stay safe, exercise often, be well.


    Jill Hudson, Ed.D.
    Principal, Nathan Hale High School
    Ensuring that ALL students become honorable, thinking, skillful, global citizens


    Seattle Public Schools COVID-19 webpage with updates

    Learning and homework support

    Stress and Mental Health Aid/Reminders
    10 Practical Steps for Dealing with Stress 
    50 Daily Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health 

    Numerous Community Resources -  constantly updated - check this out

    Social Care Network

    Effective Monday, March 16, 2020, Comcast is offering 2 months free to new Internet Essentials customers in response to recent and anticipated emergency measures associated with the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

    Health coverage
    Due to COVID-19 the Health Benefit Exchange has opened a Special Enrollment Period for families who are uninsured. 03/10/2020-04/08/2020. For information and help, please contact Washington Health Benefit Exchange.