Homework Tips


Homework plays anintegral part in academic success at Nathan Hale High School. Asstudents strive to manage the details of their lives more independently,parents may feel uninformed about homework and schoolwork. We hope thisinformation helps in responding to some of the following often-heardstatements regarding homework.

"I don't have any homework."
Homework is assigned daily. It can include reading, reading andresponses, written assignments, projects and preparation for quizzes andtests.

"I don't know what my assignment is."
Upon entering Academy classes (LA/Social Studies, Health/Science)students will copy the homework assignments from the overhead to theassignment sheets at the front of their log book. This will be theirdaily record of assignments, and will include date assigned and datedue. All academy classes use the same format. When you have questionsregarding student work (what is assigned and when is it due), ask yourstudent to show you the assignment sheet in their log book.

"I left my log book at school so I can't do my homework."
Homework responses are written in log books and checked daily (signed orstamped by the teacher) at the beginning of class. Students areencouraged to write their homework answers on a piece of notebook paperand tape it in if they don't have their log book with them.

"I don't have to do the homework because I do well on the tests."
All students are expected to complete homework on a daily basis. Dailyhomework is a significant part of your student's learning and grade. Logbooks will be turned in and graded approximately every two weeks.Please see log book response rubric for grading information.

"I finished it all at school."
Homework is expected to be completed on time outside of class. Therewill be no time during class to complete unfinished homework and rarelywill students have time during class to begin their homework. Studentswho have not completed homework will have the opportunity to finish itat lunch study hall that day. Please see enclosed lunch study hallsheet.

"I can do it tomorrow during reading."
Our all school reading period is designed specifically for reading and does not include time for doing homework.

"I can do it during mentorship."
Mentorship is a credit class that meets Wednesdays and Thursdays.Scheduled mentorship activities include registration, high schoolorientation information, career center work, study skills and portfoliopreparation. Occasionally there may be some quiet study time available.However, students should not count on this time in place of home studytime.

"All I have to do is study for a test."
The emphasis at Nathan Hale is on learning the work as well as doing it.Tests are challenging and require preparation. Students should reviewlog book notes, assignments, quizzes and reading handouts in studyingfor a test. Key words and phrases may be highlighted, reviewed, andflash cards can be prepared. This is what is expected when the assignment log reads, "Study for test."

Note: Students are welcome to word process homework responses and tape them into their log books.

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